• OPT Students shouldn't Travel on Cap-Gap

    What is Cap-Gap period. Issues while travelling on Cap-Gap. Details on OPT Cap Gap.

    What is Cap Gap?

    Cap Gap is the duration between the OPT expiration date and October 1st. Cap-Gap is a benefit given to masters students to stay in USA legally after OPT Expiration.

    Suppose if your OPT work permit is expiring on June 1st 2014
    Students apply to H1B visa on April 1st. It may get approved anytime between April and May.
    Though it get's approved by April or May student will not able to start work using H1B Visa until October 1st 2014. H1B Visa will be valid from October 1st of the year, which means between you won't be having any valid visa status in USA between June 1st 2014 and October 1st 2014. Cap-Gap facility gives you valid visa status by default to all OPT students until you move to H1B Visa status on October 1st 2014.

    Why Students Shouldn't travel on Cap-Gap Period?

    Your OPT card is valid only till the date mentioned on it. So, if your OPT is expiring before October 1st you may not able to come back to USA if you travel outside of USA. There will be not valid document of card for Cap Gap period. At port of entry you can't produce a document to immigration officer. Eventually you are not allowed to enter into USA.

    So, Student must not travel outside USA if they have intention to come back to USA without stamping.
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    1. onechance's Avatar
      onechance -
      I recently completed my masters and also got my OPT card. But due to emergency, I came to India without some prior works done in USA.
      Now I dont have signature on my I-20 from university about my travel.
      Next, I dont have job offer letter, supposed to have for entry to US.( I will try to get one from consultancy )
      Can anyone advise me how to proceed with this to get cleared at port of Entry.
      Already my OPT started, and have one more month to start the job officially..

      Any suggestion is highly appreciated.
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