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    My OPT extension denied recently by USCIS. I have filed for 29 months OPT STEM extension on Aug 2nd. OPT Denial decision given today. My current OPT is expiring on Nov 1st. Please let me know what to do to get my OPT extension and keep myself in valid visa status. My F1 visa is still valid which i got for Masters in 2010.

    OPT Extension Denials and Solutions

    After initial OPT expiry, you can stay in USA for maximum of 60 days from OPT expiry date. If you file for OPT extension you will be in valid visa status by default until a decision is made.

    Since your OPT extension is denied, you can apply for MTR (Motion to Reopen) with USCIS. It will take 2 or 3 months to for reply to your MTR.

    Alternatively you can apply to US Universities to get admission as soon as possible. If your school opening or joining date is within 5 months, you can stay legally in USA. You must have a valid F1 visa during this period.

    If you loose your job during the 17 month OPT extension period you can join a school(if you don't get another job immediately) to put back your status.

    USCIS Denying OPT's of Student's at University of Northern Virginia

    OPT denied - Applied 90 days prior to Graduation

    STEM Majors List | OPT

    Note: Above text is not a legal advice. Please contract experienced immigration lawyer for OPT Denial issues.
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    1. kiran7587's Avatar
      kiran7587 -
      I had the same situation in sept 2013. i got through the same by taking an admission n re entering thru mexico
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      why was your opt extension denied?
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