• Is that okay if we get admission from only one university and rejects from all the remaining universities ?

    I've applied for 4 universities and I got admit from only one university and the remaining three are rejected. I applied through a local consultancy and they said 'it is because of the huge number of applications this year'.Is there any possibility that I can explain this to the Visa Officer ? (My Major:CS and Intake :Fall 2014)

    Here are my doubts regarding this:

    1.Does it make me a low profile candidate ( mine is average profile) because of the number of admits ?

    2.What do I have to answer when the Visa Officer asks about my number of admits/rejects & reason for it ?

    3. What reason should I give the Visa Officer to the number of my rejects ?


    You just need one university admission to enter into USA. You are not a low profile candidate since your rejections show you tried for better universities.

    Say the reason given by the university. Give the details of exact number of admits and rejected and university names.
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