• Obama's Action plan: EADs for H1B Employess and spouses waiting on Greencard

    Obama just now finished his speech on Executive Orders that he is planning to sign. His plan will benefit H1B employees and their spouses and people with pending Greencard. As of now there is no sign of increasing number of Greencards or H1b visas.

    There are typically three steps on Greencard process. 1) Labour 2) I-140 3) I-485. Once you are done with the first stages, according to current system, you need wait until Greencard number available to apply for I-485 which would take years.

    Right now For masters students, approximately it could take 6-8 years to get a Greencards. Until then, they need to work on H1B which is a painful to move jobs and dependent spouse wont get work permit.

    After Obama's Executive action - after the 2nd step of Greencard one can apply for EAD including their spouse. It would allow spouse to work (H4-EAD) and move jobs easily. EAD will give you immediate work permit and travel to your home country without stamping, where as in H1B you need get stamped before travelling back to USA.

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