• Next Generation GMAT - GMAT 2012 - New Integrated Reasoning Section

    Next Generation GMAT®

    Changes are coming to the GMAT exam.

    In June 2012, the GMAT exam will gain a new section designed to measure your ability to evaluate information from multiple sources. Next Generation GMAT will include a new 30-minute Integrated Reasoning section that will ask you to interpret data presented graphically, analyze different types of information, and evaluate outcomes.

    The GMAT Verbal, Quantitative and Total Scores will not change. Test takers will receive a separate score for the essay, as they do now, and for the new Integrated Reasoning section. The overall length of the GMAT exam (three and a half hours) will not change. When the Integrated Reasoning section is added, the Analytical Writing assessment will be streamlined to include only one 30-minute essay prompt instead of two.

    General FAQs

    Q: When will the Next Generation GMAT exam make its debut?
    A: June 5, 2012.

    Q: How will the exam be different?
    A: The Next Generation GMAT will include a 30-minute Integrated Reasoning section with new question types.

    Q: What do the new questions look like?
    A: View the new questions.

    Q: What skills will the new questions measure?
    A: The new question types will test a candidate’s ability to assimilate information from different sources, interpret and convert data and evaluate outcomes.

    Q: Why is the Integrated Reasoning section being added?
    A: Since 1953, the GMAT exam has been developed specifically for business schools, by business schools, and it has evolved along with their needs. In the most recent survey in 2009, 740 business school faculty said 21st century business students need to be able to evaluate different types of information to solve complex problems, convert data between different formats, and evaluate tradeoffs and outcomes.

    Q: Is the new section computer adaptive?
    A: No, but some questions may have multiple parts. Like the quantative and verbal sections, test takers will have to answer each question before proceeding to the next.

    Q: Will the questions be standard multiple choice?
    A: No. Some questions will require selection from a drop down list while others may have multiple parts.
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