• My Visa Experience at Mumbai Consulate 26 June 2013 'Student's Day'

    My Visa Experience at Mumbai Consulate 26 June 2013 'Student's Day'.

    Three rejections so far. All from Mumbai Consulate.

    Fourth Attempt
    Appointment time :11 AM
    Reached at 10 AM
    Got entry at 10.15 Am
    Waited for 1Hr to enter interview area.
    Few activities were going on in the consulate for Student's Day like interviews of students, Recordings,etc. Visa Officers were also getting involved in Student's day activities.

    This time they were not providing token numbers. All the students were made sit according to instructions of staff. I got my place after finger prints were taken. One thing I noticed that every one was getting visa. It was expected. since it was Student's Day.
    The staff member asked me to go to counter number 32. I went and stood in the queue. Two guys were ahead of me. One was appearing for interview and other was waiting for his chance. Both of them got the visa. So I got relaxed. Now my chance.

    VO: hey, hie, how are you? hows you doing?

    Me: good morning sir..how are you?

    VO: I am good. how you?

    Me: I am doing good sir.

    VO: forward the documents please.

    Me: here it is sir.( forwarded I20, passport, sevis fee receipt as it was compulsory today to show sevies receipt)

    VO: So you are going to UTA ( he was continuously staring at my i20) ?

    Me: yes Sir.

    And then there was a silence for at least 30 seconds.

    He was reading my entire profile on screen. He didn't type a single letter at this time. I was scared to death as I have earlier three rejections . I thought now he will just ask couple of questions and will reject me.

    Vo: when did you passed out?

    Me :2011 sir

    Vo: since then what are you doing?

    Me: I am currently working as assistant manager in a construction firm.

    ( he cut me down)

    Vo : name the firm you are working for. And describe your responsibilities.

    Me: I am working with ********* as assistant manager. (there I told my all responsibilities)

    Vo: what is your UnderGrad field?

    Me: Electrical Engineering from University of Mumbai.

    Vo: wait a minute. You are an electrical engineer an now you are working at construction firm?

    Me: yes sir. My earlier job was of an electrical engineer. Now I have got better job profile as of manager. I am more into management now.

    Vo: thatís good.

    (Silence for 10 sec. he was typing something at that time)

    Vo: alright so you are going for Industrial Engineering. Tell me something about it.

    Me: sir the name of my department is Industrial engineering and my field of interest is Engineering management. This course integrates engineering studies and management studies. Management studies which are required by an engineer to handle engineering firms, production firms, engineering projects.

    (he cut me down there)

    Vo: you are an electrical engineer and whats the relation between the engineering management?

    Me: As I stated earlier this course is meant for engineers who are willing to work on engineering firms, production firms, engineering projects. After completion of this course I will be having the knowledge of engineering as well as management. My designation will be higher along with my salary.

    V: alright. Who is funding your education?

    Me: My parents are funding my education.

    (he cut me down here)

    V: what they do?

    Me:Told entire profile

    Vo: no no how much you have in savings and FD?

    Me: I have *** lac.

    (again he cut down)

    VO: Do you have any relative in USA?

    ME: No Sir.

    VO: Do you have any sibling? Brother ? Sister?

    ME: No Sir. I am the only child.

    Vo: so what after MS?

    Me: My immediate plan is to complete my studies with good rank and knowledge and in the future I would like to come back to India and start working here.

    ( He threw my passport on the chair in the vicinity and returned my I20 and sevies fee receipt )

    Vo: This is the proof that you are going to USA this time. Next candidate please.

    Me : Thank you very much sir. Have a nice day ahead

    I was more than happy. I came out running. The security guards tried to stop me but I didn't care..
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