• My Visa Experience

    Too much Excited for the interview, didn't slept that nite and with red eyes gone for Interview.
    Slot booked for 8.00AM in Chennai but they call us in at 9.30AM. Waited for my call about 30mins...
    All these time, I literally got too nervous... Finally, VO waved hand to me.....
    My profile- B Tech(ECE)- 54
    Backlogs- 38
    Gre - 284
    Ielts- 6.5
    Experience - 16 months
    STATUS - Approved
    Me- hello
    Vo- hello
    Passed my passport
    VO turned back and talking with this colleague for about a minute...
    I getting tensed and kept I20 ready and he taken that.
    VO- which univ?
    Me- told
    Vo- why this univ?
    Me- told about its course circullum and it has networking as core subject in computer science n added some spice like about SAP(Which I checked some where in NPU website)
    Vo- what is sap?
    Me- I really don't know what I said at that time (i given the worst answer about SAP)
    Vo- okay, whats networking
    Me- told it has also same roles compared to SAP and complete my CCNA(networking) and SAP-Basis courses
    Vo- did u wrote that CCNA exam
    Me- no, sir didnot written the exams, but complete the whole ccna, sap course
    Vo- which company is conducting ccna exam?
    Me- told cisco
    Vo- did u taken gre?
    Me- Yes, sir. Passed gre report and told my score 284
    Vo asked me to wait for 2 minutes and speaking with his colleague showing my I20 and GRE, that colleague was negative expressions, which made that 2minutes are end of my life.
    Finally VO turned back after 3minutes and asked me to take I20 and GRE. Then the golden words came, "I am approving your VISA". Good Luck
    Me- Thank you Very much, You made my day............
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      Unregistered -
      How do you calculate YOUR ARREARS AS 36?
    1. prashanth007's Avatar
      prashanth007 -
      Congratz... I have about 4 years of experience. Do I still need to take GRE??
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      Unregistered -
      guys I have just given the VISA interview today and my VISA was accepted and my interview lasted for only just 2.5 minutes. My point is this give them honest answers. Here is the summary of my VISA interview.

      VC: How did you hear about ASU?
      Me: I read all the ranking and reviews regarding ASU and their faculty at W.P Carey School of Business do a lot of research work and contribute to WSJ,Bloomberg etc.

      VC: WHich other did you apply to?
      Me. Mendoza Collge of Business(Univ of Notre Dame) W.P Carey School of Business(Arizona State Univ)

      VC: What is our program of study?
      Me: I'll be attending MS of Management and will be majoring in Business/Commerce and general business.

      VC: What does your father do?
      Me: My father has just retired as Director at Punjab Irrigation but funding won't be a problem as he gets a handsome pension and got great benefits form the government and had been saving money for many years.

      VC. DO you have any siblings studying the US?
      Me. No, I am the youngest of 3 brothers and one of my brother works in US.

      VC: Where and does he have a H1B?

      Me. He works for Infosys but currently working for Atena on onsite project and he has a green card since has lived in the US for 8 years.My other elder brother lives in Chandigarh and is a structural Engineer consultant.

      Then the VC said "Your VISA has been approved"

      My only advice is this stay true to them, if you have any relative in the US don't hide that info and if your motive is truly studying over there then you'll surely be accepted just be honest over there and the VC didn't even check my any paper except for I-20 and Sevis fees slip
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      Unregistered -
      hey I got 320/107 but I have 4 arrears can I apply for top 50 colleges?
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      Unregistered -
      Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
      hey I got 320/107 but I have 4 arrears can I apply for top 50 colleges?
      i Got 322/108 with 12 arrears. You can get a college in the top 50 with a very strong SOP and LOR's.
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