• List of Universities for MS and PhD programs in Telecommunications in USA

    List of Universities in USA offering Master of Science in Telecommunications (MS in Telecommunications) and PhD program.

    Arizona State University
    University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
    Boston University
    University of Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh Campus
    University of Oklahoma Norman Campus
    Northeastern University - Masters in Telecommunication System Management
    DePaul University
    University of Pennsylvania
    University of Colorado Boulder (ITP course)
    University of Nebraska - Lincoln
    Oklahoma State University-Main Campus (Stillwater)
    Weber State University
    George Mason University
    Ohio University - Main Campus
    St. John's University - New York
    Johns Hopkins University
    Syracuse University - Information Systems & Telecommunications Management
    Western Illinois University
    Pace University - New York
    University of Denver
    New Jersey Institute of Technology
    Stevens Institute of Technology
    Vanderbilt university
    Rochester Institute of Technology
    Ball State University
    The University of Toledo
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    1. sreeraj220's Avatar
      sreeraj220 -
      RIT is also offering MS in Telecommunication....... right.????
    1. DIVYASHRI's Avatar
      can you please tell me about Michigan state university. the ranking and the deadlines.... am doing B.E (75%). gre and toefl not yet taken . planned to take this month .
    1. Labakudass's Avatar
      Labakudass -
      AFAIK Most of the univ mentioned above do not have a good telecom program except ppittsburg and asu. many good univ are missing from this list.. in fact the mecca of telecom program is itself missing :|
    1. kaushal89's Avatar
      kaushal89 -
      Which is better RIT or Stevens ?
    1. cherukuri_ajay's Avatar
      cherukuri_ajay -
    1. cherukuri_ajay's Avatar
      cherukuri_ajay -
      just add more univs in comments...i will update the post

      Quote Originally Posted by DIVYASHRI View Post
      can you please tell me about Michigan state university. the ranking and the deadlines.... am doing B.E (75%). gre and toefl not yet taken . planned to take this month .
    1. him_lfc's Avatar
      him_lfc -
      what about UMCP,UCB,GMU,Gatech,NY Poly
    1. viraj's Avatar
      viraj -
      ACADS-61.4% Electronics and Telecommunication (PUNE UNIVERSITY)
      1 year experience in Government Research Institute (Center for Materials for Electronics Technology C-MET)
      Applying for FALL 2012 in Electrical or Telecommunication Engineering.
      Please suggest some Universities.
      Not yet applied to any University.
      Please reply am already LATE.

      Thanking you in anticipation.
    1. Srinivas99's Avatar
      Srinivas99 -
      Hi friends... I need help from you guys...

      Please suggest me some universities for this Fall, basing on my profile:

      GRE-930 (V:320; Q:610; AWA 3);

      BTech (ECE) 71% 2012 (3 cleared backlogs);

      IELTS appearing 19th May, expecting above 6.5.

      Need universities that can issue I20s on fast-track. please reply me at earliest already i was late
    1. vbobby4's Avatar
      vbobby4 -
      George mason university also offers telecommunications
    1. aug2013's Avatar
      aug2013 -
      How is MS in telecommunication in university of maryland, college park..?

      can some one Please guide about the fee, cost of living and funding or graduate assistant opportunities , and job opportunities for that particular course?

      Thank you.
    1. Sutthipong's Avatar
      Sutthipong -
      Thx again for this lab. Very useful as aawyls.Please, would you be so kind to create a IPv6 labs series?Thatb4s the future in IT and we should know how to use it.Regards.
    1. Chelo's Avatar
      Chelo -
      Im a physician who wants to leave clcnaiil work to become a green consultant for hospitals and doctors offices. I have a MD and a BA in Biology but wasnt sure if I should get a MPH with an environmental health focus or a Masters of Environmental Science. Does anyone have any insight on what I should do or if anyone is doing anything like that?
    1. Alexa's Avatar
      Alexa -
      It is impossible to know wehehtr you will receive a scholarship but the best school for computer science is MIT. Most universities offer low paid on campus work to master's students.See what score you get on the GRE. If the combo of GRE and GPA are comfortably above the university's minimum, you should stand a chance, especially from Nepal. Request financial aid on your application.
    1. Adalgiza's Avatar
      Adalgiza -
      other GRE test centers near you for avialable GRE Test dates. Don't miss this opportunity. Click here register for GRE exam Video Guide ASAP.Related PostsGRE Test Dates May, June, July 2011GRE Dates June, July 2011
    1. Nevamynd's Avatar
      Nevamynd -
      For the GRE, I used Kaplan's (not caplon) book. I think it was prtety helpful and I ended up doing prtety well in the quant and verbal sections (top 15% in both). I didn't do as well in the analytical writing section and I heard that Princeton Review's description and advice for the AW section is much better.
    1. Ruken's Avatar
      Ruken -
      Thanks for this, I've been looking for it erwryeheve I clicked your ads to show my appreciation. [Admin note: I do not advise clicking my ads unless you are truly interested in what the advertiser is offering.]
    1. Krishna00's Avatar
      Krishna00 -

      I am planning to take admission for Fall 2013.Looking for Ms in Telecom management and 2nd preference is MS in telecom engineering.My avg score in mock tests is 290 .I will be taking my GRE on 20th AUG.Can anyone plz suggest me the universities for Telecom management?
      Thank u!
    1. mushtaq's Avatar
      mushtaq -
      could you please suggest me some good uni's which provide master in telecommunications
    1. surajavula's Avatar
      surajavula -
      i want to take telecommunication management in my ms programs i have a gre score of 294 and academics of cgpa 7.7 in electronics and communication engineering will i get good colleges with this score for good colleges or should i retake my gre once again .Im planning for fall 2014
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