• MS in Game Design and Game Development Universities in USA

    List of US Universities for Game Design and Game Development programs. Top Universities offering Specializations related to Game programming.

    Universities for MS in Game Design and Game Development

    Today's Entertainment world needs Game developers. Game development is one of the majors in demand. Following universities are offering Masters, PhD programs in Game Engineering, Game Development.
    1 University of Southern California (USC)
    2 Rochester Institute of Technology
    3 Northeastern University - MS in Game Science and Design
    4 RIP
    5 MIT
    6 University of Pennsylvania
    7 University of Utah (Program to be Scheduled)
    8 Drexel University - Undergrad program
    9 DigiPen
    10 Carnegie Mellon University

    Please add more MS or Phd in Game Development schools in comments.
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    1. samvarcy's Avatar
      samvarcy -

      My GRE score is 304 (V: 150, Q: 154), AWA: expecting 3+, expecting 100+ in TOEFL. Can you please suggest what are my chances of getting accepted into USC in this course??

      Thanks for your assistance!!!

      Sam Varcy
    1. vaishnav's Avatar
      vaishnav -
      This site is very helpful for me in every way possible for my future goals and now this mail comes and it made my day. I was confused whether to take computer science major or an information technology one. But I was thinking of becoming a game developer in the end. Now the above post helped me decide to take the game design and development program. Thank you very much man...
    1. love's Avatar
      love -
      i want names of the universities..who are offering VLSI field
    1. vaishnav's Avatar
      vaishnav -
      Hey what university is RIP?? Full name please...
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      Hi Friends I'm a graduate in Electronics & Communication Technology. I graduated in the year 2013 and right now I'm working. I want to do MS but I'm not sure about which Course should I opt. Should I get into IT or continue with my domain. Please Comment. Thank you in advance.
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      hey guys I have done BE in electronics engineering from INDIA. Right now I am thinking of doing MS but in what specialization is a question. Frankly, i want my future job to be like mixture of my electronics skills plus travelling. I want to travel the world . I love travelling . So wanna choose my career accordingly. I have been googling from few days but nothing paid off. Another option I came up with MS in game design or development. I know very little about this option but i know i will enjoying working with it. So, please help me to find best path. Any job profile where i can find electronics and travelling or gaming and travelling . Need advice so that i can select one specialized subject for myself. Thank You.
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      Which the fourth college in this list, named, RIP?
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