• MS in Business Analytics or MBA in Business Analytics Universities in USA

    List of US Universities for Master of Science in Business Analytics or MBA in Business Analytics. Business Analytics is all about Data Science, Reading complex data and analysing trends in the data and structuring the data as per business requirements. MS in Business Analytics is one of the hottest course in USA nowadays.

    Universities for MS in Business Analytics

    Here are profile of students who have applies for Masters or MBA in business analytics program in US Universities. Students are more interested in this program because of career opportunities available in USA and across world.

    Name Name Stream GRE/
    College education %tage WORK EX Anything u would like to
    Anuj Agrawal University of Cincinnati
    MSBA GMAT- 680 103 64.5 (Pune University) 2.5 years in Zensar Technologies Pune - 2 projects Ucinn 2k$ scholarship
    Chandra Mouli Univ of Cincinnati MSBA 700 (GMAT) 106 7.92 3,8 but 3,2 in resume (mistake) 1 year analytics startup 3,000 $ scholarship
    Akshata Tare Drexel Univ MSBA 620(GMAT) 8 76 40 months (Data warehousing & Analytics for BFSI Clients) Scholarship offered
    Nanditha Narayanan University of Cincinnati MS - BA 680 110 3.8 2 years - Accecture and CTS $2k
    Luv Sharma University of Cincinnati, University of Minnesota (Carlson Business School) MSBA 326 118 6 2 years at Telecom firm AGC Networks
    Neerav Arizona State University, University of Connecticut, University of San Francisco, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign MSBA, MSBAPM, MSA, MS in Statistics - Analytics Concentration 325 109 79 18 months at MU sigma USF offered $3000 fellowship. Confused between ASU and UIUC.
    Vinay Kumar Reddy Arizona State University, University of Washington, University of Cincinnati MSBA, MSIS, MSBA 324 111 8.45 18 Moths (UCO Bank)
    Ramaranjan Ruj Texas A&M University, University of Arizona, ASU MIS, MSBA 320 106 3.46/4.00 2 years 8 months at Bharti Airtel
    Saurav Tripathy University of Texas, Austin MSBA 319 109 8.82 18 months (Mu Sigma, ZS)
    Swati Adhikarla University of Cincinnati MSBA 319 104 8.9 2.5 years analytics work ex in MuSigma and HSBC 2k scholarship
    Vikas Konanki University of Cincinnati MSBA 319 99 76% 1.5 years in Accenture $2k scholarship
    Nikhil Shaganti University of Cincinnati, University of Connecticut MSBA,MSBAPM 319 103 7.68 NIL( not relevant: 10 months in Yamaha Motors as of now)
    Avinash Gundapaneni University of Cincinnati MSBA 318 105 6.84 2.5 years in Mu Sigma, 8 months currently in Novartis $2k
    Mrinmayi Gadre Arizona State University, University of Connecticut, University of Cincinnati MSBA, MSBAPM,
    317 108 62.47 15 Months (Mu Sigma) University of Cincinnati offered $2k scholarship
    Sowjanya Vijayanagar Arizona State University, University of Minnesota(Carlson) MSBA 317 104 8.44 NIL
    Harish Pasupuleti Drexel University, Arizona State University, Univ of Connecticut MS BA 316 7.5 6.31 2.5 yrs at Wipro Drexel -schol offered
    Phani Srikanth Arizona State University MSBA 311 96 7.5 18 months (Oracle)
    Kavya Kilari University of Connecticut, Drexel MSBAPM, MSBA 311 101 75 NIL
    Sumit Rane Drexel University, Arizona State University MSBA 311 101 57 4 months in QA
    Ashish Sachdev ASU MSBA 311 106 3.65 1 year as a QC analyst and 4 years of family business
    Vamseekrishna University of Connecticut MSBAPM 308 90 77 24 Months at TCS
    Parth Kulkarni ASU, UCONN MS BA, MSBAPM 307 115 7.22 20 months at Mu Sigma
    Prashant Vizzapu University of Connecticut, Drexel Univ MSBAPM, MSBA 306 102 6.64 NIL
    Mandar Bisne Drexel University, Stevens,University of Denver MS BA 303 99 63 32 months at InfoCepts University offered 10,000$ scholarship
    Punit Lohani Carlson at Minnesota, WP Carey at Arizona, School of Business at Connecticut MS BA 670 7.5 8 1 yr at Jindal Steel, 1 yr at start up Confused between Carlson and WP Carey.
    Shubham Kalra MSBA
    320 101 71 startups- around 2 years
    Durga University of Arizona, Carlson at Minnesota MIS, MSBA 323 116 84 2 yrs 7 months at Saint Gobain Glass India Confused between Carlson and UA
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    1. PS Panwar's Avatar
      PS Panwar -
      Is there any chance to get admin in Univ of Cincinnati with profile GRE 312, 10th & 12th 80%, BTech in CSE 8.73/10, two years exp. as Business Analyst.

      Which is better: Univ of Cincinnati or Northwestern University for MS in data analytic
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      HI Please evaluate my profile:
      GRE- 321 (161 Q, 160V, 4 AW) , about to givev toefl expect a decent score. 66 pcnt in Bachelors in electronics and telecomm. Experience: 2.5 years as a quality analyst in MIS and Analytics Applications. Wish to do MS in MIS or MS in Business Analytics/ Data science
    1. Aravind Arvy's Avatar
      Aravind Arvy -
      hi please can you evaluate my profile:
      GRE: 289 ( 157 Q, 137V, 3 AWA), TOEFL 85, 71.3% in btech in MINING. 7 plus months as a researcher in business based company. i'm intrested in doing ms in Business analytics. pleas can you help
    1. aakash.parwani's Avatar
      aakash.parwani -
      I am in need of vital suggestion:

      My profile is accepted for "Master's in Data Science" from "Saint Peter's University, New Jersey" fall 2015.
      Now, i am confused should i go with saint peter's , will it be good option ? or i should look for any other universities ?.
      Truly speaking, i am only considering Program nothing else.But still i want some suggestions.

      Please reply, so that i can plan accordingly.
      Thanks & Regards,
      Aakash Parwani
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      I have received admit to MS in Analytics at Georgia State Univ and also have a job offer with Mu Sigma. Have no work ex. Wanted to know if I should take up the MS or ask for a deferment of 1 year and take up the job at Mu Sigma for a year before doing my MS. How is the MS Analytics course at GSU
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      Where can I check the latest admits?
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -

      i have GRE score of 301: 158-Quant; 143-Verbal...can anyone please suggest me universities for Data Analytics/Business Analytics course where i can get in with this score. I have 2.5 years of full time work experience.
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