• MS in Biomedical Engineering Universities in USA

    List of US Universities for MS in Biomedical Engineering or Bio Engineering. Top Universities offering masters or PhD degree in Biomedical engineering in USA.

    Top Universities for MS in Biomedical engineering

    Rank University
    1 Cornell University
    2 University of California
    3 Columbia University
    4 Harvard University
    5 University of Wisconsin
    6 Purdue University
    7 University of Virginia
    8 University of Minnesota

    List of Universities for Biomedical Engineering in USA

    1 Arizona State University
    2 Brown University
    3 California Institute of Technology
    4 Carnegie Mellon University
    5 Clemson University
    6 Columbia University
    7 Cornell University
    8 Drexel University
    9 Harvard University
    10 Marquette University
    11 Ohio State University
    12 Pennsylvania State University
    13 Purdue University
    14 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    15 Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, ​New Brunswick
    16 Texas A&M University, ​College Station
    17 Tulane University
    18 University of California
    19 University of California, ​Irvine
    20 University of California, ​Los Angeles
    21 University of Illinois
    22 University of Illinois, ​Urbana, ​Champaign
    23 University of Iowa
    24 University of Maryland, ​College Park
    25 University of Minnesota
    26 University of Rochester
    27 University of Southern California
    28 University of Utah
    29 University of Virginia
    30 University of Wisconsin
    31 Virginia Tech
    32 Yale University
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      What about gerogia tech and john hopkins? Why are these not in the list?
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