• MS in Automobile Engineering Universities in USA

    I am currently doing B.E. Automobile Engineering. I want to do MS in Automobile Engineering or Automotive Engineering. What University is best for doing MS in Automobile Engineering?. What universities in USA are offering MS, PhD programs in Automobile Engineering or Automotive engineering

    Listed are the universities offering Masters of science program in Automobile Engineering in USA.

    Universities for MS in Automobile Engineering

    Ohio State University
    University of Michigan
    University of Louisville
    Clemson University
    Rochester Institute of Technology
    Michigan Technological University
    Lawrence Technological University

    Out of these universities, University of Michigan (UMich) has very good programs for automobile, automotive engineering and mechanical engineering. Michigan has lot of job opening for Mechanical and Automobile Engineers.
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    1. gr8abraham's Avatar
      gr8abraham -
      What about Kettering University?
    1. gr8abraham's Avatar
      gr8abraham -
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      Auth -
      Years ago you could go to any library but thngis have changed. It depends on the school. At many universities you need an ID to get in. But even at those schools, you might be able to get in by asking for permission.References :
    1. surabhi's Avatar
      surabhi -
      hi. em preparing now for the gre. so can u guys tel me , what is the score required to get into these universities....(for automobile field) pls help me out.
    1. rohitrudra's Avatar
      rohitrudra -
      is the gre score of 289 enough for those universities.....
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      Unregistered -
      hii i have 7.8 cgpa till now,gre score 292 and ielts 6 so with this scores i get above universities except ltu
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      Unregistered -
      What is the scope in Automobile industry after masters?? If anyone can help me with it.
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      vivekkompalli -
      Helo everyone,can anyone suggest me better universities among these excluding michigan .
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      Unregistered -
      Sir I am planing to do ms in USA whter it good to do in USA plz help in finding university thanks or in austrail where automobile is in demand whter USA or Australia reply soon
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      Unregistered -
      hai... can any one tell me... what % i have to get in btech ..ieltss and gre. to study automotive in michigan,...
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      Unregistered -
      What about Kettering University !! ?
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