• MS in 1 year programs offered by US Universities

    Typically MS in US programs will take 1.5-3 years. But, Master of Science programs can be finished in 1 year. There are few schools and program that would design MS degree to be completed in an year.

    Masters of Science 1 year programs

    Following schools designed Masters programs that would graduate you in one year. It is also possible to take more credits per semester and finish the degree in shorter time. These one year programs will helpful for working professionals and who want to have a degree without thesis.

    1 Carnegie Mellon University MISM, MS in Computer Science
    2 Indiana University Bloomington MS IS
    3 University of Illinois Chicago MS in Technology Management
    4 Arizona State University Management Information Systems
    5 Georgia Tech Data Science program
    6 Tulane University MS in Cell & Molecular Biology
    7 Colorado State University MS in Biomedical Sciences
    8 Penn State MS in Electrical Engineering
    9 Princeton University MS in Electrical Engineering
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