• Top Mechanical Engineering Universities in USA for MS, PhD

    US University rankings for Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering(MS in Mechanical) and PhD program. Listed are the the top Schools in mechanical engineering field in USA.

    Top Mechanical Engineering Universities in USA

    Mechanical Engineering students at Masters level in US Universities can choose specialization like Mechanics, Artificial Intelligence, heat transfer, manufacturing and industrial engineering etc. Here are the ranking of US Universities offering mechanical engineering program.

    1 Massachusetts Inst Of Technology CAMBRIDGE
    2 Stanford University STANFORD
    3 University Of Michigan Ann Arbor
    4 Univ Of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign URBANA
    5 University Of California-Berkeley BERKELEY
    6 California Institute Technology PASADENA
    7 Princeton University PRINCETON
    8 Cornell University ITHACA
    9 University Of Texas At Austin AUSTIN
    10 University Of Minnesota MINNEAPOLIS
    11 Univ Of California-San Diego San Diego
    12 Pennsylvania State University University Park
    13 Northwestern University EVANSTON
    14 Georgia Institute Of Technology ATLANTA
    15 Univ Of California-Los Angeles Los Angeles
    16 Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst TROY
    17 Texas A&m University College Station
    18 Purdue University West Lafayette
    19 Carnegie Mellon University PITTSBURGH
    20 Brown University PROVIDENCE
    21 Virginia Polytech Inst & State U BLACKSBURG
    22 North Carolina State University RALEIGH
    23 University Of Wisconsin-Madison MADISON
    24 University Of Pennsylvania PHILADELPHIA
    25 Ohio State University COLUMBUS
    26 Case Western Reserve Univ CLEVELAND
    27 University Of California-Davis DAVIS
    28 Columbia University New York
    29 Lehigh University BETHLEHEM
    30 Michigan State University East Lansing
    31 Rice University HOUSTON
    32 University Of Arizona TUCSON
    33 University Of Maryland College Park College Park
    34 University Of Washington SEATTLE
    35 University Of Southern California Los Angeles
    36 University Of Notre Dame Notre Dame
    37 Rutgers State Univ-New Brunswick New Brunswick
    38 Oklahoma State University STILLWATER
    39 University Of Delaware NEWARK
    40 Duke University DURHAM
    41 Johns Hopkins University BALTIMORE
    42 Cuny - Grad Sch & Univ Center New York
    43 University Of California-Irvine IRVINE
    44 Clemson University CLEMSON
    45 State Univ Of New York-Buffalo BUFFALO
    50 University Of Cincinnati CINCINNATI
    51 University Of Utah Salt Lake City
    52 University Of Iowa LOWA
    53 University Of Virginia CHARLOTTESVILLE
    54 University Of Colorado BOULDER
    55 University Of Illinois At Chicago CHICAGO
    56 Arizona State University TEMPE
    57 Iowa State University IOWA
    58 Colorado State University Fort Collins
    59 Washington State University PULLMAN
    60 Syracuse University SYRACUSE
    61 University Of Missouri-Rolla ROLLA
    62 University Of Pittsburgh PITTSBURGH
    63 Univ Of California-Santa Barbara Santa Barbara
    64 University Of Tennessee-Knoxville KNOXVILLE
    65 Auburn University AUBURN
    66 Washington University SEATTLE
    67 University Of Rochester ROCHESTER
    68 Univ Of Massachusetts At Amherst AMHERST
    69 George Washington University N.W. Washington
    70 Michigan Technological University HOUGHTON
    71 State Univ Of New York-Stony Brook Stony Brook
    73 University Of Florida GAINESVILLE
    74 University Of Connecticut STORRS
    75 University Of Rhode Island KINGSTON
    76 Louisiana State U & A&m College Baton Rouge
    77 University Of Houston HOUSTON
    78 University Of Oklahoma L-1 Norman
    79 Oregon State University CORVALLIS
    80 Kansas State University MANHATTAN
    81 University Of Alabama-Huntsville HUNTSVILLE
    82 University Of Kansas LAWRENCE
    83 University Of Kentucky LEXINGTON
    84 Wayne State University DETROIT
    85 University Of Missouri-Columbia COLUMBIA
    86 Clarkson University POTSDAM
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    1. arvind's Avatar
      arvind -
      I guess university of michigan, DEARBORN should be here...Ann Arbor??!
    1. Manpreet s's Avatar
      Manpreet s -
      can u tell me the status of california state university, sacremento........
      and does it offer MS courses in mechanical stream
    1. rocky62's Avatar
      rocky62 -
      what about tennessee tech university??
    1. likith333's Avatar
      likith333 -
      i would like to know which are the top US universities for MS in aeronautical , specially in deign field
      thank you...
    1. MOIN's Avatar
      MOIN -
      I want to know all things means cost duration and hostel facilities for ms in mechanical engineers
    1. sbfatate's Avatar
      sbfatate -
      What is the ranking in d list of for the university of tufts and university of Boston
    1. raghav08's Avatar
      raghav08 -
      Can someone tell me which is better for MS in mechanical?
      Univ of Cincinatti or IUPUI,Indiana?
      Thanks in advance.

    1. nrharsha's Avatar
      nrharsha -
      Hai ,
      Can anyone please suggest the universities for MS in mechanical engineering
      My profile :-
      GRE - 292 , Verbal- 143 , quant-149
      10th - 84.32 %
      12th - 57.33 %
      B.E- 56.36 (upto 7th sem)
      Toefl yet to take
      Thanks in advance ...!!!!!
    1. dheerajvit's Avatar
      dheerajvit -
      Can anyone please suggest the universities for MS in mechanical engineering
      My Profile:
      GRE - 294 , Verbal - 136 , Quant - 158
      10th - 73 %
      12th - 94.4 %
      B.E - 8.25 (Upto 7th Sem)
      Toefl yet to take
    1. manohar988's Avatar
      manohar988 -
      hiii i got 310 quant162 verbal148 can you suggest me some good universities for my score in mechanical.and also suggest whether ILETS OR TOEFEL is better for me.
    1. sandeep999's Avatar
      sandeep999 -
      Can anyone please suggest the universities for MS in mechanical engineering
      My Profile:
      GRE - 277 , Verbal - 132 , Quant - 145
      10th - 68 %
      12th - 86 %
      B.E - 60.8
      Ielts- 6.0
    1. anisha's Avatar
      anisha -
      can anyone post aerospace engg universities plz..
    1. LAVINASH's Avatar
      LAVINASH -
      Can anyone please suggest the universities for MS in mechanical engineering
      My Profile:
      GRE - 300 , Verbal - 140 , Quant - 160
      10th - 92.92 %
      12th - 74 %

      B.E - 68.14 (Upto 6th Sem)
      Toefl yet to take
    1. vdsnbabu's Avatar
      vdsnbabu -
      sir can u please tell us all the universities in USA which is offering masters in ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING....................IN ADVANCE THANK YOU SIR...........WAITING FOR YOUR RESULT.......
    1. latha's Avatar
      latha -
      Can anyone please suggest the universities for MS in mechanical engineering or industrial engineering or industrial management or in designing.
      GRE-299; TOEFL-82
      verbal-136; quant-163
      B.Tech-83%(up to 6 th sem.in mechanical engineering)
    1. harshini29's Avatar
      harshini29 -
      Can anyone please suggest the universities for MS in mechanical engineering.
      verbal-139; quant-158
      IELTS 6.5 expecting..
      thanking you..
    1. K BHARAT's Avatar
      K BHARAT -
      Its useful to study m.s mechanical engineering in USA ,Please sir can u suggest me
    1. kmsr486's Avatar
      kmsr486 -
      Can anyone please suggest the universities for MS in mechanical engineering in automobiles in US..
      IELTS: 5.5
    1. kmsr486's Avatar
      kmsr486 -
      Which country is better for doing Automation either US or Germany.Can anyone suggest some colleges for me
    1. suchandra's Avatar
      suchandra -
      My GRE score is 299. TOEFL yet to take.
      B.tech in Production Engg. from Haldia Institute of Technology, West Bengal
      Done 2 projects:
      Durgapur Steel plant (SAIL) &
      South Eastern Railway workshop, Kharagpur
      Cgpa: 8.08
      12th: 82%
      10th: 85%
      2013 passout batch. Looking for MS/PhD in mechanical for Fall 2015.
      No work experience.
      Can you please suggest some universities based on this profile? Is it possible to get full scholarship with this score?
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