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    What is 'State University' ? Top 10 State Universities in USA by Rankings. List of important State Universities in USA.

    What is a 'State University' in US University System?

    A State or Public University is funded by US government is called as State University or Public University. It will receive full or part of funding from the State Govt. It may receive funds from Tuition, fee and Alumni. Some facts about US State Universities.

    1) Tuition, fee is less at State Universities.
    2) Scholarship Opportunities are good when compared to private universities.
    3) In some states all govt funded universities form the state forming a system and they offer coursed at different locations in the state. Students can transfer one of those universities to another university in the system easily. Example: Texa A&M University.

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    Top 10 State Universities in USA

    1 University of California, Berkeley
    2 University of California, Los Angeles
    3 University of Virginia
    4 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
    5 University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
    6 College of William and Mary
    7 Georgia Institute of Technology
    8 University of California, Davis
    9 University of California, San Diego
    10 University of California, Santa Barbara

    List of State Universities in USA

    1 Arizona State University
    2 Auburn University
    3 Ball State University
    4 Binghamton University, SUNY
    5 Bowling Green State University
    6 Clemson University
    7 College of William and Mary
    8 Colorado School of Mines
    9 Colorado State University
    10 East Carolina University
    11 Florida State University
    12 George Mason University
    13 Georgia Institute of Technology
    14 Illinois State University
    15 Indiana University, Bloomington
    16 Iowa State University
    17 Kansas State University
    18 Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge
    19 Louisiana Tech University
    20 Miami University, Oxford
    21 Michigan State University
    22 Michigan Technological University
    23 Mississippi State University
    24 Missouri University of Science & Technology
    25 Montana State University
    26 New Jersey Institute of Technology
    27 New Mexico State University
    28 North Carolina State University, Raleigh
    29 North Dakota State University
    30 Northern Illinois University
    31 Ohio State University, Columbus
    32 Ohio University
    33 Oklahoma State University
    34 Oregon State University
    35 Pennsylvania State University, University Park
    36 Purdue University, West Lafayette
    37 Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick
    38 Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, Newark
    39 San Diego State University
    40 South Carolina State University
    41 South Dakota State University
    42 Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
    43 Stony Brook University, SUNY
    44 SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
    45 Temple University
    46 Texas A&M University, College Station
    47 Texas Tech University
    48 University at Albany, SUNY
    49 University at Buffalo, SUNY
    50 University of Alabama
    51 University of Alabama, Birmingham
    52 University of Alabama, Huntsville
    53 University of Arizona
    54 University of Arkansas
    55 University of California, Berkeley
    56 University of California, Davis
    57 University of California, Irvine
    58 University of California, Los Angeles
    59 University of California, Riverside
    60 University of California, San Diego
    61 University of California, Santa Barbara
    62 University of California, Santa Cruz
    63 University of Central Florida
    64 University of Cincinnati
    65 University of Colorado, Boulder
    66 University of Colorado, Denver
    67 University of Connecticut
    68 University of Delaware
    69 University of Florida
    70 University of Georgia
    71 University of Hawaii, Manoa
    72 University of Houston
    73 University of Idaho
    74 University of Illinois, Chicago
    75 University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
    76 University of Iowa
    77 University of Kansas
    78 University of Kentucky
    79 University of Louisville
    80 University of Maine
    81 University of Maryland, Baltimore County
    82 University of Maryland, College Park
    83 University of Massachusetts, Amherst
    84 University of Massachusetts, Lowell
    85 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
    86 University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
    87 University of Mississippi
    88 University of Missouri
    89 University of Missouri, Kansas City
    90 University of Montana
    91 University of Nebraska, Lincoln
    92 University of Nevada, Reno
    93 University of New Hampshire
    94 University of New Mexico
    95 University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
    96 University of North Carolina, Charlotte
    97 University of North Carolina, Greensboro
    98 University of North Dakota
    99 University of Oklahoma
    100 University of Oregon
    101 University of Pittsburgh
    102 University of Rhode Island
    103 University of South Carolina
    104 University of South Dakota
    105 University of South Florida
    106 University of Tennessee
    107 University of Texas, Austin
    108 University of Texas, Dallas
    109 University of Utah
    110 University of Vermont
    111 University of Virginia
    112 University of Washington
    113 University of Wisconsin, Madison
    114 University of Wyoming
    115 Utah State University
    116 Virginia Commonwealth University
    117 Virginia Tech
    118 Washington State University
    119 West Virginia University
    120 Western Michigan University
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    1. krishna_42's Avatar
      krishna_42 -
      I am planing to pursue ph.d in electrical department(Analog electronics), Please give suggestions which universities are better for pursuing ph.d in analog electronics...
    1. ABHILASH M's Avatar
      ABHILASH M -
      i am planning to do MS in wireless communication for fall-2014, please suggest some universities for the same
    1. cherukuri_ajay's Avatar
      cherukuri_ajay -
      Oklahoma State University has Telecommunications degree.
    1. ektaahm's Avatar
      ektaahm -
      Is it good to apply in state university or in private university??
      Can you suggest a good university in California and in Illinois for MS in computer Science?
    1. Manish92's Avatar
      Manish92 -
      Sir, I have a GRE score of 283 and ielts 6.5, am I having a good probability of getting an admit from any of the reputed state universities for fall 2014?
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      I am applying for PhD in Library and Information Studies what University would i apply to?
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      Hi sir, I got score of 284 in GRE , AWA 2 and ILETS 6 can I get admission in public college?
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      Hi sir, I got score of 284 in GRE , AWA 2 and ILETS 6 can I get admission in public college?
    1. jitendra singh's Avatar
      jitendra singh -
      i want to know what is fee structure for ms in any state universty
    1. ankitmehtamoody's Avatar
      ankitmehtamoody -
      Hi, I have done BE (Electronics and Communications) and MBA (Marketing). I am also working for last 5 years now in the field of marketing strategy, brand management and advertising. Please guide me for following serious queries;

      1) MS in Marketing lines is fine or MBA in Marketing line is better?
      2) MS in Marketing is a business managerial course so will it need GRE or GMAT score?
      3) Keeping in mind my experience and post graduate degree, how good are chances for me to get admission and scholarship for MS or MBA?
    1. chiditrize's Avatar
      chiditrize -
      planning on applying for masters in medical microbiology, pls how do i go about it
    1. nbbbh's Avatar
      nbbbh -
      cbse x-84%
      please suggest some universities......... Thankyou in advance!
    1. shreev's Avatar
      shreev -
      Hi sir I completed my b-pharmacy 2014 passout. And am looking for m.s in usa for 2016 admission. plz suggest me which university is better in usa. I have computer hardware & pharmacy knowledge And also have some experience in both fields.
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      For state universities what should be score of ielts and gre
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      Please help me university for accountancy
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