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    A clear thinking, level headed individual is how I describe Ms. XXXXXXXXX. This quality of her, became evident during my interaction with her, as an Assistant Professor taking her Computer Science courses. My acquaintance with her, spread over 2 years, has given me an opportunity to observe her closely and judge her capabilities.

    A student with excellent ability for logical and intuitive thinking, She has proved herself to be a talented and brilliant student. Her ability to understand a problem and to conceptualize & analyze a situation needs a special mention. Apart from being technically sound, Ms.Kiranmai has shown a penchant for grasping and visualizing practical difficulties and this, per se, makes a potential research student.

    A good, wholesome personality coupled with leadership qualities makes her asset to any team She may work with. Her aplomb and alacrity wonderfully blended with sociableness will be a great source of motivation for the members of the team She is in.

    I would rate her in the Top 10% students in her class. I am confident that She, as a student with great zeal for higher academic pursuits and aptitude for research, will do well. I strongly recommend her candidature for your graduate program with full financial assistance.
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    1. akki's Avatar
      akki -
      it seems too good 4 toper students....wht about average student?
    1. yazvwgs's Avatar
      yazvwgs -
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    1. yunus's Avatar
      yunus -
      akki .... mee too an average student
    1. sudhanpuru's Avatar
      sudhanpuru -
      i am average student ................... give me some letter for average student
    1. venkatramesh's Avatar
      venkatramesh -
      Hi I have studied B.Tech and M.Tech in different colleges and looking forward to do my ms. The problem is that I am providing the transcripts of B.Tech for admission into the university but having a hard time to get Letter Of Recommendations from my B.Tech college. My question is that can i submit LOR from A faculty member in M.Tech college
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