• Job Opening with MSinUS.com - Content Writing and Internet Marketing

    Openings: 3
    Joining: Immediate

    Submit your resume to
    info@msinus.com Please add your phone number, email id to the resume.

    Job Responsibilities
    Content writing Write articles useful to students.
    Promoting: Marketing MSinUS over Facebook, other networks.
    Answering student Questions: Answering student questions on forum/Facebook groups.
    Data Collection: Collecting data from University websites.
    Misllenious: Tasks assigned by me.

    Remote. You need to have own computer/laptop and High-speed internet connection.
    Suitable to who applied and waiting for admission decision or visa.

    Helping students and at the same time growing MSinUS network in traffic and subscriptions..

    Strong knowledge of US University admissions, Visa, Scores required.
    Strong communication/writing/reading skills in English.
    Must able to write articles.
    You must have finished with GRE,TOEFL or IELTS or GMAT tests.
    Should be able to work 8 hrs a day. (Sunday is a Holiday)
    Must be comfortable with MS Office.

    **Apply only if you are passionate about US University admissions and Internet marketing area.
    ** Hard workers only.

    One month notice is required to leave.

    Rs. 6000/Month for 1st 3 months. Thereafter 8000/month till 6 months. 10k/month after 6 months. You will be paid at the end of the month.

    I will suggest you universities, guide you in applying and Visa procedure.

    How do I assign the work?
    Will call you every day and assign the work over phone and emails.
    In marketing area you need to work with minimal guidance.

    How do I monitor the work?
    You should send me work report twice a day about what you did.
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