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    Indian government introduced new passport fees effective from October 1st 2012. Procuring passport will be costlier from October 1. Both new passport and passport renewal application fees are increased.

    New Indian Passport Fee

    Below new fees are applicable for both Application for New Passport and Old Passport.

    Old Fee New fee
    Normal Category 1000 1500
    Tatkal Scheme 2500 3500
    Indian Passport fee in USD $40 $75
    Indian Passport fee in Euros Euro 48 Euro 60

    Government of India has raised the Passport and related services fees from Rs 1000 to Rs 1500 under the normal category and from Rs 2500 to Rs 3500 under Tatkal scheme. Last time Passport fees were increased is March 29, 2002. Almost after over 10 years, govt took a decision on new passport rates.

    For Indian citizens living in Foreign countries, the revised fee would be USD 75.00 (from 40.00) and Euro 60.00 (from 48.00) for normal applications.

    Reasons for New hike in Passport fees -
    1) Actual cost incurred on issuing of a Passport
    2) Printing of passport booklets
    3) Reimbursement to police authorities
    4) Postal Expenses.

    India Passport Renewal fee in UAE

    The fee for renewal of ordinary passport has been increased from Dh150 to Dh285, the embassy said. The fee for Tatkaal category has been revised to Dh855 from Dh700. Additional fee charged for 60-page Jumbo booklet has been increased from Dh40 to Dh95. The fee charged in case of the Lost/ Stolen/ Damage category has been revised from Dh505 to Dh570. Almost there is 85% of hike in UAE.
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