• IELTS tips for each Section

    IELTS Tips for the first time test takers. Books to prepare for the IELTS and Tips for each test section - Listening, Reading, Writing.

    IELTS Test Tips

    First time takers - don't be nervous about test. Test is going to be lengthy but it is simple. Pay attention to the instructions.For people who already gave an attempt, you know how the exam flow is going to be.

    Listening Tips

    Play some cambridge audio and try to understand how they are pronounce things. Use Barron book and material. You have examples for how they pronounce place, how they tell number, how they spell etc.
    One important thing, if you are not able to answer something, dont worry, skip it and quickly move on. Because if you get 30/40, you will still end up in 7.

    Reading Tips

    For reading you just need to be a quick scanner. Your eyes shoul scan things quickly. Once you scan and got the sentence, try to interpret meaning, Check whether it is positive or negative. Most of the times, the sentence would be in negative tone and the question would be in positive tone. You need to figure it out. Difficult part is TRUE?FALSE/NG. You need to remember that there are no assumptions. If the sentence is there, then true/false , otherwise its NOT GIVEN.

    Writing Tips

    Take some syntax i.e memorize how your first paragraph starts, second and how you are going to end your essay. Just you need to fill the topic given in these syntax. Dont try to complicate things by using new vocabulary which you are not sure about its meaning. You might use at wrong place and it will screw things. So just write whatever you know, even if you didnt use complicate words, its fine. You can use some new words instead of regular ones. Say,at one place, you can write,
    i like,
    other places you can say
    i am interested in
    I would love to
    i enjoy
    i am intrigued in.
    If you see i didnt use complicated words, but still i have wide range of words to use, so that i can avoid repetition when writing a paragraph
    These are small things but it will make you to improve your band by 0.5 or by 1.

    Go with positive attitude, everything would be fine.
    All the best for your exams
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