• IELTS Test Tips

    Tips for IELTS test. Here is brief explanation of what to do when you are sitting in a IELTS test.
    First of all, I'd like to say I currently live in Australia and I lived here for awhile. Surely, I use english on daily basis, however, I still had to prepare myself a little before (especially writing module) sitting the exam.(roughly 10 days preparation).

    IELTS Test Tips for Reading and Listening Sections

    Remember, answer is basically laid out there, and it's your task to sort those answer from the unnecessary information. When it comes to listening, make sure you have a quick read through the questions before you answer your questions. Unless you are a native speaker, it will be hard to pick up words from the listening module. If you have read the questions carefully, you should be able to pick out the answers from the CD they are playing during the exam. That's the tip.

    Same sort of thing with reading, it's little bit trickier with reading module, as it requires more thinking, but you have to apply same method as listening module in the reading exam.

    IELTS Writing Tips

    Writing: Structure! Grammar, Use of lexical terms. important!!! Structure has to be very logical. Even if you think it's unnecessary to write some information, it's better to include it. Even if it's stating the obvious.

    I strongly recommend you to get your writing structure (intro, body, conclusion) and paragraphing to a high level, then slowly work your way up to using higher level vocabs and so forth. then working on your timing and writing speed. Within 10 days of preparation, I'd say I wrote about 20 essays.

    IELTS Speaking

    Pronunciation, good vocabulary, and make sure you talk heaps.

    I know it was rather brief, and maybe you heard it from somewhere else, but I hope this helps.

    -- Tai An
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    1. Mohan Sai Venna's Avatar
      Mohan Sai Venna -
      my gre score is 271,ielts score 6.5,
      branch; civil engineering

      plzz suggest me the universities to study
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