• How to register for IELTS test Online in India? How much would it cost?

    If you are planning to attend Masters,PhD education in US universities you have to take Academic IELTS test.

    IELTS test online registration in india can be done at

    Select the Module 'Academic' while registering.

    you have to enter the passport number in the registration process and you should carry the valid passport to test center on the test day.

    IELTS test fee is Iin India is NR 7,900 for all tests administered after 01 January, 2012.
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    1. vikasthadu's Avatar
      vikasthadu -
      In TOEFL we can do score reporting to four universities free of cost. Is such facility available in IELTS?
    1. prashanth's Avatar
      prashanth -
      Yes, it's available. It's same with IELTS.

    1. vikasthadu's Avatar
      vikasthadu -
      it's available with british council but not with idp
    1. k.brahmani's Avatar
      k.brahmani -
      can smone suggest me whether us universities accept IELTS conducted by british council or exam conducted by IDP.
    1. Sudheesh's Avatar
      Sudheesh -
      Is American universities accept ielts scores also..?
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