• IELTS Speaking Topics

    213 topics for IELTS Speaking. List of IELTS test Speaking topics, tips and about IELTS speaking section. Speaking test Questions in IELTS. Many of these topics were in 2013 IELTS test. Most of them will repeat in 2014.

    IELTS Speaking Topics

    IELTS Speaking test has 3 parts. Total duration of the Speaking test is 11 - 14 min. You will have discussion with professional examiner in speaking section over various topics.

    Section 1: you will discuss about you and your family.
    Section 2: You will speak about a topic.
    Section 3: You will have longer discussion on the topics discussed in part 2 of the test.

    Here are the IELTS test Speaking topics you will see in real exam.

    1 Hometown
    2 Role model
    3 Major Occupation of your Village
    4 Indian education foreign education
    5 Why are you going abroad
    6 Hobbies
    7 Swimming
    8 Cycling
    9 Meditation
    10 Yoga
    11 Exercises
    12 Gardens and parks
    13 Which country would you like to go and why?
    14 Love and arranged marriage
    15 Joint and nuclear family
    16 City life and village life
    17 Educational tour at school
    18 Favorite teacher
    19 Favorite subject why did you choose the subject?
    20 Computerís influence on children ?
    21 TVís influence on children
    22 Cell phone
    23 TV programs to be telecasted 24 hrs
    24 Reading
    25 News papers
    26 Recent news
    27 Statue handicrafts
    28 Art
    29 Art gallery
    30 Which foreign language would you like to learn?
    31 Brain drain
    32 Indian and western culture
    33 Night shifts
    34 If you look out of your window
    35 Shopping
    36 Window shopping
    37 Shopping malls
    38 Dress code for jobs
    39 Business
    40 Happiest moment
    41 Embarrassing moment
    42 Challenging moment
    43 Gift
    44 Why do we give gifts?
    45 Should women work in night shifts?
    46 Should the children choose their careers?
    47 TV serials crime
    48 Strengths
    49 Music
    50 Recent movie
    51 Internet
    52 Influence of internet on children
    53 Single career multiple career
    54 Invention you like
    55 Cooking
    56 News
    57 Dance
    58 Tele phone
    59 Rainy season
    60 Favorite color
    61 Influence of color
    62 Teddy bear
    63 Museum
    64 Teenager
    65 Advice to young people
    66 Success
    67 Friends
    68 Friendship
    69 Meaning of your name
    70 If u like to change your Name
    71 Are u a student or employee
    72 Work experience
    73 College days
    74 Travel
    75 If u fail in IELTS ?
    76 Place u visited
    77 Speech
    78 Future plans
    79 Children and impact of speech on them
    80 Transportation in your city
    81 Do you feel nervous when you give a speech?
    82 Advertisement that you have seen
    83 Who should give speech to children?
    84 Cooking
    85 who is the best cook
    86 Films and ads
    87 Wild life
    88 Retirement age
    89 Excess use of technology
    90 Pollution
    91 Global warming
    92 Apartment or Individual house
    93 What did you do yesterday
    94 Weekend
    95 Historic monument or building
    96 Cricket
    97 Favorite sport
    98 Favorite movie
    99 Photo
    100 A story that you heard
    101 Can a computer replace a teacher
    102 Favorite dish
    103 Favorite animal
    104 Pet Animal
    105 Child hood hero
    106 River
    107 Business o Job
    108 Youth Politics
    109 Old people should retire soon
    110 Festival
    111 Farewell party
    112 Computer Games
    113 History Reading
    114 Flower
    115 Your Achievement
    116 Ads influence people to buy
    117 Is Competition negatively influencing Children
    118 Favorite sportsman
    119 Cricket
    120 Should Children work while studying
    121 Tell me something about yourself
    122 Important decisions to be taken alone
    123 Ten years from now how do you see yourself
    124 Streets in your city
    125 Birds
    126 Never give up
    127 Favorite law in your country
    128 Traffic jam
    129 A person who inspires you in your family
    130 Two neighbors
    131 Two favorite people in your family
    132 Insurance should be taken by an individual or the government
    133 Forest conservation
    134 Cell phone misuse
    135 Magazines and journals
    136 Ethnic dresses
    137 People wear dresses according to the occasion
    138 Naming ceremony in your country
    139 Marriage culture
    140 Education- a lifelong process
    141 Street in your city
    142 Excess usage of technology
    143 Money or Success what do you prefer
    144 Can you do anything for money
    145 24 hrs of news on TV
    146 Music depends on mood
    147 Film star
    148 Fast food
    149 Letter you got
    150 Letter you wrote
    151 Email you got
    152 Website You surf
    153 A phone Conversation You had
    154 Changes in your life
    155 Veg or Non veg
    156 Holiday Spot
    157 If God gives you wishes
    158 Photo graph you have taken
    159 Weather (seasons)in your country
    160 Do you prefer travelling alone or with friends
    161 An accident you saw
    162 Smoking (smoking law)
    163 Sports in your country
    164 Your daily routine
    165 Driving a car
    166 One child policy
    167 Ads influence people to but things
    168 Restaurant you visited
    169 Drunken driving
    170 What role do Media play in peopleís life
    171 Historical monuments should be preserved
    172 Natural scenery
    173 Non academic subjects should be removed from school syllabus
    174 Plane car or train what do you prefer to travel in
    175 Furniture
    176 Hand made thing (steel Paper or card board or doll)
    177 What would you ask a foreigner to buy if he comes to your place
    178 Punctuality
    179 Furniture in your house
    180 Funniest moment
    181 Funniest person
    182 If you were rich
    183 Bike that you want to buy
    184 Pollution free bike
    185 Accidents and causes
    186 Your IELTS Trainer
    187 Your childhood
    188 Your Favorite sporting event
    189 Favorite Subject in childhood
    190 Diet that you take in the morning
    191 Difference between best friend and close friend
    192 Why girls and boys are not playing the same sports
    193 Why old people and youth does not play the same sports
    194 Most admired person
    195 Toys in childhood
    196 Event in history and why is it important
    197 Do you think museums will be started only for money
    198 Museum and its importance
    199 Entry should be made free for museums
    200 Sports conducted in your place
    201 If you get a chance to learn a sport what will you learn
    202 Do you play sports
    203 An old person whom you met recently
    204 Do you think old people have a better life in futuredo you think old people have a better life in future
    205 Can you compare old peopleís life in past and now
    206 Do you agree some cultures have stopped respecting old people
    207 When will you consider aperson to be old
    208 Birthdays and celebrations
    209 Your memorable birthday
    210 Do you think birthdays of young people and old people are different
    211 Arranged marriage and registered marriage
    212 Why do think people think that the younger generationís
    213 Attitudes are not right
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    1. avinash27's Avatar
      avinash27 -
      well... i was asked to speak on "which subject u did not njoy in ur high school and why "....and most of the questions following this topic were related to it....so be prepared for such questions....i was not prepared for this and honestly i didn't have much to speak on it as i lyked all subjects and i performed well in them...so i had to make up a lot of reasons as to why i didn't like some subject....and trust me when u are just making up reasons on the spot , u are screwed....u wil stammer in between , won't have enough to speak on and u will repeat the same thing again and again....my advice is to be prepare with such negative topics so that you make up all d stuff before the test.....everything will go smooth then....do not go on the expressions of the interviewer ,it doesn't matter at all , just state your views no matter you are refuting a known fact or telling your personal philosophy .... all d best.
    1. Parthi1992's Avatar
      Parthi1992 -
      The Topic for my friend was about parenting.
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