• IELTS: IDP vs British council - Which is Easier? Which one to select?

    IELTS is jointly owned by IDP:IELTS Australia, alongside British Council and the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations . IELTS is the International English Language Testing System, the world's most popular high stakes English language test.

    IDP or British council?

    What is IDP and British council?

    IDP and British council are two different organisations conducting IELTS test across the world.

    Where to take in IELTS test?

    you can take test any of the test centers by IDP or British Council.

    How can i Book IELTS test dates though British Council?

    If you want to take the IELTS test with IDP register through this page.

    IDP - IELTS Test Center List:

    IDP - IELTS Future Test Schedule:

    How many free additional TRF(Test Report Form)?

    you can order 5 free TRFs which meand you can report IELTS score at free of cost for five universities. Both IDP and BC will give same number of free reports.

    How can i Book IELTS test dates though IDP?

    If you want to take the IELTS test with British Council register through this page.

    British Council- IELTS Test Center List:

    British Council- IELTS Future Test Schedule:

    IDP vs British council IELTS

    Which is Easier IDP or BC? Where can i get good scores?

    Both test are same across world. Questions will be in common database. All the test centers by BC and IDP will get Questions from Database. Questions are Randomly selected. So, exam in Both centers is equally tough.

    I heard that through IDP, i can make better Scores than British Council?

    No. It is just a rumor. Just Select the test center near by you.
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    1. rogmszl's Avatar
      rogmszl -
      MzfU5h <a href="http://bprhfbhpupxh.com/">bprhfbhpupxh</a>, mjchzwyhpmky, [link=http://xddutzwjmmei.com/]xddutzwjmmei[/link], http://xatupzjozyij.com/
    1. kanteti's Avatar
      kanteti -
      how to improve the skills for IELTS regardless coaching......Does any additional exercises required to improve the skills?
    1. upasana's Avatar
      upasana -
      hi, i want to pursue ms. in graphic design and i am a fashion designing background though i am working as a creative lead since one year.
      Can you suggest me what all i need and what is the best time to apply for? fall or spring? moreover, i am preparing for ielts, is it a valid test for graphic design course?
    1. pbandaru's Avatar
      pbandaru -
      hi can we order 5 free trf's in IELTS IDP too please provide more information Thanks in advance
    1. bhargavi.k's Avatar
      bhargavi.k -
      this is bhargavi...i want to write ielts,gre examination ....and suggest me to how to proceed.i have a doubt about applying colleges i.e we can put colleges before writing exam or not...give me suggestions
    1. bhargavi.k's Avatar
      bhargavi.k -
      i am taking coaching in gre,ielts at present......i want to opt only u.s.i didn't take exams ....can u suggest me how to proceed and can i go u.s in august 2014.give me suggestions for me
    1. naimikonda's Avatar
      naimikonda -
      sir do you know the process of sending the scores to 5 universities free of cost by idp as i couldn't find the process any where on their websites
    1. naimikonda's Avatar
      naimikonda -
      hi,can u please mention the process of sending scores to 5 universities free of cost via idp
    1. foram's Avatar
      foram -
      hi, please can you help me for how to prepare for ielts?
    1. cute's Avatar
      cute -
      I m very disappointed with british service ..It is realy bad in marking..I attempted ielts test not only for one time but for three time and it ashamed every time you give me 5 band..Always i faced toughest modules..Why u give the permission to punajbi lady and any british or south indian lady to take the speaking test..Women r really too bad in marking and they feel jealous especially with girls candidate. They dont have any mercy in their heart..Women dont know how to give the marks..If ever women going to take speaking test then it is request to them ..They should see the candidate effort n confident level..because all candidate dont know what type of question you are going to ask to them, on the spot it is very difficult to give the answer, atleast give them for second to think..if candidate give answer then u should give them band because no any candidate r perfectionist in english..If they r then why they need to do the ielts..
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      in british council easily correction &they will be add 0.5points add automatically it is correct or wrong
    1. Eugene39's Avatar
      Eugene39 -
      I need to take ILETS and have been thinking to join the professional institute for the training. It is not so easy to locate a good ielts Chandigarh center so I am quite confused. It will be quite good if you can share any tips on how to find a good center that can help me pass the exam in first attempt. Can you help regarding it?
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