• How to Write Article on MSinUS.com?

    How to write article on MSinUS.com? Adding new content to MSinUS.com. Write any content useful to Students planning to study abroad, such as GRE/TOEFL/IELTS/GMAT preparation tips, US University reviews, scores required, Visa stuff, admission help, Visa experiences etc.

    How to write new article on MSinUS.com?

    1) First thing is You have register to MSinUS via: http://www.msinus.com/register.php
    2) Once you register you have to validate email you get on your Inbox. Click on the link in the email you receive.
    3) Now login with your MSinUS username and password.
    4) Go to the section/categories you want on this page on the Left panel: http://www.msinus.com/content/
    5) Click on 'Go' button beside Create Article option as shown in below figure.
    6) Now, Write your Article. Once you finished article Click on the 'Apply' button on the right.
    7) Title: Give some title to your Article. Example: GRE test format, SOP for MS in Mechanical engineering
    SEO URL Alias:
    It will be populated automatically. Don't change it.
    Adding content: Write your content in the big empty box.

    HTML <titte Tag
    : Will be automatically populated.
    Meta Description: You can edit it to a one or two line description suitable to your article. For example: Thiis Statement of Purpose for Masters in Mechanical engineering program admission.
    Meta Keywords: Should be something like: SOP, Mechanical engineering, Statement of Purpose.
    Other option: If any other options were displayed leve them blank. Admin would fill up for you.

    your article won't appear to the public until admin approves it. Once you finish your artcile email admin at info@msinus.com with link to your article.

    Thanks for adding content to MSinUS.com
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