• This is how H1B applications will be delivered to USCIS by FedEX on Day 1

    Are you curious to know how the the massive number of H1B petitions will be delivered to USCIS? NYTimes posted an article on how the delivery of the h1b petitions works on first day of H1B quota.

    H1B Applications on the way to USCIS, California Sevice Center

    On Apr 3rd 2017, Start date for the h1b petitions, Fedex got ready with several trucks loaded with H1B packets to be delivered at USCIS office location in California(CSC) and Vermont. (VSC).

    This is picture from a truck that is about to head to USCIS office. It had lot of boxes with h1b packets in them.

    Trucks lined up in front of USCIS Gate

    The first truck in the row, a Fedex rig, had 15,000 petitions loaded. Several trucks likes these will wait at the USCIS front gate to open.

    Trucks that were unloaded, will head back to Fedex location to pickup more applications. This process goes until late night first Monday of the April of every year to the friday of the week.

    “We’re loaded, and we have more trucks coming,” said Mr. Langyo, who would return two hours later in the same truck with another haul.

    1500 workers involved

    This picture had the delivered shipments of H1B petitions. 1500 workers involved in the delivery of h1b petitions on April 3rd with a second shift expected to extend after hours.

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