• How to Apply for First Credit card as International Student in USA?

    You can't assume Life without using Credit cards in USA. Almost Everyone will have at least one credit card in their life. When you study in USA you might need some credit from banks for things like paying bills, tuition fee, shopping etc. Here are the tips to apply your first Credit card in USA.

    Tips to apply for First Credit card in USA

    To apply for Credit card you must have Social Security number(SSN). Since you are International student You can get SSN only if you have on campus job or received employment offer from a US employer during CPT or OPT.

    By getting on campus job or assistantship you can get SSN which makes the way to get your first credit card.

    Though you have SSN, credit card companies will not issue cards easily without a good credit score. Credit score is nothing but a score depends on how well you maintained credit history in terms of paying bills on time, how much debt you have on the cards.

    Building Credit Score

    To build your credit score, apply for a secured credit card. Secured card means you get credit card with your own money. You will deposit some money around $500 with bank and get a Secured credit card with the limit of same amount. You will paying monthly as your regular credit card.

    Your local credit unions and banks like Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo will issue secure credit card. They may have some annual maintenance fee of around $25-$50.

    Here is few tips for applying credit card

    1. Never apply for 2 or more card in the 6 months period.
    2. If your credit card application is declined, Dont apply for another till 6 months.
    3. Pay your bills on time.
    4. Dont' use beyond the card limit.
    5. Never Cancel your first credit card

    Best Card to apply to get approved easily

    Most international students get offers from Citi bank easily. Chase, Wells Fargo are the 2nd and third most popular banks.
    I suggest you to wait until you receive an offer from a popular bank.

    Paying rent, electricity, phone bills on time will not help to improve your credit score, but not paying them will be reported on credit history.
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      Unregistered -
      I got myself a "secured credit card" offered by Bank of America. I got it before I got my SSN or a job. In fact only a week after I got to the US.
      And I have noticed that paying the electricity bill add 8 points to my credit score. It is generally mentioned in the paper bill... Didn't mean to prove your facts wrong. Only that these options exists.
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      Unregistered -
      thank you very much for the information
      I am most grateful
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      Unregistered -
      getting discover is easy and you get around 1000 dollar credit limit
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      Unregistered -
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