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    This could be one of the unusual threads and could be useful for those on a H4 Visa. Being a dependent and not knowing what to do after your marriage in the US, pursuing your masters would be one of the best options you could go for. H4 to F1 Visa is the way to go. Also, it would boost your self confidence, help you to channelize your interests very well and ultimately would help you find a Job

    I have about 4 years of work experience and moved to US after my wedding... Most of the ladies on a H4 , equally talented and having enough industry experience, are pushed to a state of losing their confidence where they are totally made dependent on their spouses not having the opportunity to work.

    After lots of desperate attempts to find a Job I finally decided to go for my masters and yes, I finally got an admit from Rutgers for the Master of business and science course.I had aound 311 in GRE and 99 in TOEFL.

    Although H4 visa allows you to study, it doesn't allow you to work or get a training after the masters.So I came to India to get my F1 stamped, and it was approved at the Chennai consulate. The moment was just WOW!

    Here goes my experience. It took about an hour and a half to finally get inside the consulate. After the initial checks and finger-prints taken, I was finally waiting for the visa interview.

    H4 to F1 Visa Interview

    Lots of F1 rejects in the nearby counters! The guy before me got it approved after half an hour of rigorous questioning I was wondering how my interview would go since I am already on a h4 visa which allows you to study.My turn came finally :

    Me: A very good morning sir. How are you doing today?
    VO: Good morning.

    He sees my passport , comes to the h4 visa page.
    Vo: So your husband works for xyz company?how long has he been with that company

    Me: 7 years sir.
    VO: Does he work now in the US

    Me: Yes sir. He works in AAA for BBB.
    VO: So you had been n a h4 and now want to go to school?

    Me: Yes sir.
    He looks at my I-20 .

    Vo: So Rutgers..mmhmm.. What is this course about?
    Me: Its the master of business nad science course. I have work experience and did my undergrad in engineering, so i want to pursue engg management .

    VO: Ur undergrad percentage:
    Me: Told him

    When did you graduate
    Me: 2006

    Vo: Where do you live.
    Me: I live in HHH

    How long have you stayed in the US?
    Me: More than 1 year sir.

    Vo: How far is the university from ur place?
    Me: Around half an hour sir.

    VOid you apply to aother univ in the NY /NJ area.
    Me: No sir, I got an admit within 10 days of applying and so took this as my first choice. I did apply to Vanderbilt university in Nashville

    VO: (Interrupts me) So u ll travel all the way to central america, leaving your husband?
    Me: No sir, I was just applying the colleges based on the rankings. Both universities were offering such kind of management courses. I got a reject from this univ. And rutgers was my first choice.

    Vo: ok. So how are you going to fund your education.
    Me: I have XXX USD in my account and my husband has yyy dollars. This is how I ll sponsor my education.
    Looks for a while at my I-20/ Gre/Toefl scores. Gives my documents back, retains my passport. Your visa is approved. U ll get it in 3-4 days.

    Me: Thanks a lot sir.
    Thus i left with a great relief and lots of happiness
    Those trying for COS from H4 to F1 being in the US could go for it, but it takes from 2 to 6 months to get approved(worst case being 6 months) .So it delays the possibilities of internships and other in campus training or jobs eligible for those on F1. So I would suggest you to come to India and get it stamped. If your university is a good one and if you have enough financial proof and your husband works for a good company, and if you had been in the US for around a year,you are sure to present a strong case and get F1 approved. Look confident and give genuine answers.
    Hence people on a H4- You have lots of time at home to prepare well.So apply to top universities near your city . Many universities accept admission on a rolling basis. Call and confirm from them if you can still apply.
    Dont lose hope, there is always a brighter side to being a dependent.
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    1. shikhakvij's Avatar
      shikhakvij -

      am quite worried about my pending interview. i am on h4 and will convert to f1
    1. bvbv99's Avatar
      bvbv99 -
      Hi Niranjgk , I am in exactly the same position as you were. May I have your email address to contact you? Did the visa officer ask why F1 when you can study on H4?

      SHIKHAVIJ- How did your interview go? Could you share your experience?
    1. Shailja's Avatar
      Shailja -
      Your post revives me. All the best dear for bright future
    1. Sushree's Avatar
      Sushree -
      Hi Niranjgk,

      Can you tell me how many months it will take if we will do the change h4 to f1 visa stamping from india not in US?
      Actually i am in h4 and i will start my masters in h4.Then later i will change my visa status to f1. Would you mind giving
      me your email id to contact you?
    1. kapila's Avatar
      kapila -
      Quote Originally Posted by Sushree View Post
      Hi Niranjgk,

      Can you tell me how many months it will take if we will do the change h4 to f1 visa stamping from india not in US?
      Actually i am in h4 and i will start my masters in h4.Then later i will change my visa status to f1. Would you mind giving
      me your email id to contact you?

      Did u get the answer for the question u asked above? pls reply. I do have same question..
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -

      hi sushree I am in same position.Can i have ur email id??
    1. gunjan's Avatar
      gunjan -
      hi can i know if u got ur transfer from h4 to f1 easily? did u apply at us consulate in india or did u get it changed while staying in the us itself? i hope u do reply
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      Congratulations, and thank you for writing this post, my case is exactly the same. Hope you are doing well.
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      Hi Niranj,
      I am applying for the same program in rutgers. I wish I could get in touch with you to learn about the program and also some basic queries about loan and visa transfer. can you pls get in touch via email @ gaai3.k@gmail.com
      This is a valid query and I hope u can help me.
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      I'm on F1 COS, Is that ok to go for F1 stamping in middle of the last semester?
    1. Sk5491's Avatar
      Sk5491 -
      Hi Niranj,

      Congratulations on your admission into Rutgers. I m also interested in the pharma MBA program @ Rutgers. i m currently on h4 visa. I m not clear if i will be considered as an International student or as an US resident. The deadlines for application are different. I called the admissions office a couple of times. They gave me varied responses. I wish you can reply my query.
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      How to defer the admission dates while the change of status application has been already submitted?
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