• H1B Visa Lottery

    You may see H1B Visa lottery this year. USCIS announced that it may receive huge volume of H1B Petitions cap FY 2014, and finally it may end up in lottery of the H1B Visa Petitions. Premium processing of H1B applications will also get delayed.

    H1B Lottery

    Filing Period for H1B Petitions starting from April 1st 2013 for Fisical Year 2014 cap. USCIS is expecting more than 65000 cap-subject H1B applications and more than 20,000 petitions filed in Masters Quota between April 1st and 5th.

    This is the first time after 2008, USCIS expecting more number of applications. Booming US Economy is causing this.

    H1B Documents Checklist FY 2014 >>>

    If USCIS exceeds more number of application H1B Cap requires Lottery. Initially, Masters cap will be conducted Lottery. 20,000 students will be picked in the lottery. Remaining petitions will be added to the lottery of Regular H1B cap of 65,000. So, Masters students have advantage of participating in lottery of both Caps.

    H1B fee refund after the Lottery - USCIS will not deduct check from the petitions which are not selected in the lottery. So, No worries about H1b fee.

    H1B Visa 2014 Cap Count, Quota, News by USCIS>>>

    H1B Premium Processing

    USCIS will start adjudicating the H1B premium processing applications from April 15th 2013. Usually it will take 15 calender day to take the decision on the H1B Premium filed application. So, With the exception eventhough you file the petetion on April 1st 2013, your file will be adjudicated after April 15th.
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