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    H1B Visa 2014 Cap Count Starts from April 1st 2013 (Monday). For H1B Visa 2014 Cap there are 65,000 visas available in General Quota and 20,000 visas available in Advanced degree quota. This article discuss about H1B visa Cap Count for the year 2014.

    H1B Visa 2014 Cap Count

    What is H1B Cap Count?

    H1B Cap is nothing but the total number of H1B visas each year. Under H1B Cap, total number of visas available for the masters student in USA are 20,000 and Regular Cap is 65,000. H1B Visa availability is nothing but available number of H1B visas for the current year.

    Cap Type Cap Amount Cap Eligible Petitions Date of Last Count
    H-1B Regular Cap 65,000 65000 + April 5th 2013
    H-1B Master's Exemption 20,000 20000 + April 5th 2013

    H1B Quota Fy 2014 Quota Reached >>>
    H1B Quota 2013 Cap Count Information>>>

    H1B Cap 2014 Masters Quota Regular Quota
    Cap Available 20,000 65,000

    H1B Documents Check list for H1B Cap 2014>>>

    H1B Visa Fee for 2014 Cap

    As of now there are no changes in fee for H1B 2014 cap from 2012 cap.

    1. Base filing fee for H1B Visa $325
    2. ACWIA fee for companies with 1-25 full time employess: $750
    3. ACWIA fee for companies with more than 25 full time employess: $1500
    4. H1B Fraud Detection fee: $500
    5. Public Law fee: $2,000 (If your employer has more than 50 H1B or L1 Employees. Or Non-immigrant employeess are more than 50% in the company.
    6. Premium Processing fee: $1,225 for employers seeking Premium Processing Service

    General Question on H1B Visa 2014 Cap Count

    When to File for H1B 2014 Cap?

    You can file at any time as long as the H1B Quota is available. It is better to file as soon as possible, at least by the end of April 2013. It depends upon how fast the application are received by USCIS. In the year 2011 cap is available till December. but in the year 2012 cap reached in June 2012. It depends upon demand for the H1B visas from Employers.

    When H1B 2014 cap count will be reached?

    H1B cap count for year 2013 reached in June 2014. This year, since because of high demand for US work permit visas, H1B Quota may be filled by May 2013.

    H1B Visa Cap may be Lottery this year >>>
    Education Requirements for H1B Visa 2014?

    Minimum of a bachelor degree (B.tech, BE etc) is expected to file h1b visa. For masters quota we need a masters degree from a US University.

    Documents Required for H1B Visa Cap 2014

    All Educational Degree Certificates
    Previous work Experience Letters
    All passport page copies
    Previous Salary Slips
    Any Previous I797 Forms
    OPT and All I20 copies (If you are on OPT) - you can use Cap Gap.

    Complete list of Documents required for H1B Visa stamping in 2013, 2012

    H1B Visa 2013 Cap Count

    Cap Count Regular Cap Master Cap Total
    06/12/2012 65,000 20,000 Regular and Masters CapReached
    06/07/2012 55,600 20,000 Maters's Cap Reached
    06/01/2012 55,600 18,700 74,300
    05/25/2012 48,400 17,500 65,900
    05/18/2012 42,000 16,000 58,000
    05/11/2012 36,700 14,800 51,500
    05/04/2012 32,000 13,300 45,300
    04/27/2012 29,200 12,300 41,500
    04/20/2012 25,000 10,900 35,900
    04/13/2012 20,600 9,700 30,300
    04/09/2012 17,400 8,200 25,600
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