• Guidance to Students Who got Visa for Spring 2017 with ACICS School

    Recently lot of Universities in USA lost accreditation after Department of Education stopped recognizing ACICS. Indian student community, especially the ones from Hyderabad were severely impacted with this accreditation issue.

    Currently, Spring 2017 student who got visa to a ACICS school were in dilemma whether to join the school or not. They are about to travel to join the institution in a week. Here are few options to those students to get out of this accreditation mess.

    US Universities that are not eligible for OPT after ASCIS loss of Accreditation by US Dept of Education>>

    Got Visa for ACICS school

    If you have got USA Student visa and anticipating to join a ACICS school, the best option is to attend student visa with a different school which had Regional or National accreditation.

    If your test scores are low, It's better to take time and write the English proficiency tests to get good scores. IELTS 6.0 or above, TOEFL 79 or above is good enough to get admit from few Regional or National accredited school.

    Already in USA to join ACICS school

    Move to a different university immediately, if the current schools accepts transfer. Unfortunately, most of the ACICS schools won't allow transfer before the completion of the first semester. But, if you have possibility of transfer do it immediately

    Stay away from Consultancies for Study Abroad Guidance

    Universities that are under ACICS are junk schools. It's very easy to get accreditation from ACICS. Those who want to make money from International students will get easy approval from ACICS and start a university. Sillicon valley, Coleman, VIU etc comes under this row.

    This tie-up with study abroad consultancies in Hyderabad and other parts of India by offering $1000-3000 for each student recruited by that agency. Though, these consultancies know the risk by joining a student with ACICS school, they encourage you to apply to these fraudulent schools just to get the commission from the university.

    So, you have to stay away from consultacies espicially those who are working with ACICS schools. Here is how to recognize a ACICS school - Search in this database : http://personify.acics.org/ACICSMemberDirectory.aspx
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