• Can i apply to Greencard While doing Masters in USA?

    I am currently doing Masters in USA and will be graduating next semester. Can i apply for US Greencard while doing Masters in USA? By Having MS or PhD degree, will i get green card? What is the process for applying for Greencard while studying in US University?

    What is Greencard? Different ways to get Greencard - Eligibility to get Greencard>>>

    Greencard Guide for Masters and PhD Students

    Here are some points to understand about Greencard.
    • Students currently in US Universities (doing Masters or PhD) are eligible for greencard petetion.
    • You need an Employer in USA to sponser Greencard.
    • You need not to be his employee to get greencard.
    • OPT,CPT studets are eligible to apply for greencard. You Don't need to wait till you get H1b visa Status.
    • Greencard is for future employment. If an employer is willing to sponsor you future and permanent employment, he will apply for Greencard for you.
    • Typically Greencard process involve three steps.
      • Labor Certification
      • I-140
      • I-485.

    • You can't apply to GC by your own.
    • There are 3 categories in Employment based Greencard.
      • EB1 - For PhD students, IT Managers
      • EB2 - MS in US Students and 4 yr Bachelor degree student with 5 yrs of work experience
      • EB3 - Just bachelors degree is enough.

    • You will get Greencard Immediately in EB1 category since the category is current now.
    • Average time to get GC in Eb2 is 4-8 years. in EB3 it is 10-70 years.
    • Once you get greencard, you can start your own business in USA. You can work for any employer in USA after getting Greencard.
    • India and China have separate greencard categories from Rest of the World (ROW).
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      satish0559 -
      thanks ..very helpful
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      US $ -
      what separate categories for INDIA ? I did not understand last sentence.
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      So Do I need to approach any employer to apply for Green Card while studying MS?
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