• GRE Vocabulary List

    Here is GRE Vocabulary list for GRE Exam. Alphabetical list of GRE Vocabulary list provided. 100+ important words are included in the list.

    GRE Vocabulary List

    How to Prepare GRE Vocabulary list?

    when you are reading GRE Vocabulary make sure to learn it's meaning and then an example sentence. Preparing GRE Vocabulary list with example sentences with real life scenarios helps you remembering vocabulary easily.

    Here is GRE Vocabulary list.

    ABASE to humble; disgrace
    ABATE to reduce in amount, degree, or severity
    ABJURE to reject; abandon formally
    ABSCOND to leave secretly
    ACCRETION a growth in size; an increase in amount
    ACIDULOUS sour in taste or manner
    AERIE a nest built high in the air; an elevated, often secluded, dwelling
    AFFECTED phone; artificial
    AGGRANDIZE to increase in power, influence, and reputation
    ALACRITY speed or quickness
    AMORTIZE to diminish by installment payments
    ANTIPATHY extreme dislike
    ARDOR intense and passionate feeling
    ARROGATE to claim without justification; to claim for oneself without right
    ATTENUATE to reduce in force or degree; weaken
    AUGUST dignified; grandiose
    AXIOM premise; postulate; self-evident truth
    BEVY group
    BIFURCATE to divide into two parts
    BLIGHT to afflict; to destroy
    BLITHE joyful, cheerful, or without appropriate thought
    BONHOMIE good-natured geniality; atmosphere of good cheer
    CALUMNY a false and malicious accusation; misrepresentation
    CLOYING sickly sweet; excessive
    COGENT convincing and well-reasoned
    CORROBORATE to support with evidence
    CRAVEN lacking courage
    CREDULOUS too trusting; gullible
    DECLIVITY downward slope
    DELETERIOUS subtly or unexpectedly harmful
    DEMAGOGUE a leader or rabble-rouser, usually appealing to emotion or prejudice
    DEMUR to express doubts or objection
    DERIDE to speak of or treat with contempt; to mock
    DESULTORY jumping from one thing to another; disconnected
    DIFFIDENT lacking self-confidence
    DILATORY intended to delay
    DILETTANTE someone with an amateurish or superficial interest in a topic
    DISABUSE to set right; free from error
    DISCERN to perceive or recognize
    DISPARATE fundamentally different; entirely unalike
    DISSEMBLE to present a false appearance' to disguise one's real intentions or character
    DISTEND to swell, inflate, or bloat
    DITHER to act confusedly or without clear purpose
    DROLL amusing in a wry, subtle way
    EFFICACY effectiveness
    EFFRONTERY impudent boldness; audacity
    ENERVATE to reduce in strength
    EQUIVOCATE to use expressions of double meaning in order to mislead
    ESCHEW to shun; to avoid (as something wrong or distasteful)
    EXPONENT one who champions or advocates
    FATUOUS stupid; foolishly self-satisfied
    FAWN to grovel
    FOMENT to arouse or incite
    FRACTIOUS unruly; rebellious
    FURTIVE secret, stealthy
    GLIB fluent in an insincere manner; offhand; casual
    HEGEMONY the domination of one state or group over its allies
    HOARY very old; whitish or gray from age
    IMPERTURBABLE not capable of being disturbed
    IMPETUOUS quick to act without thinking
    IMPIOUS not devout in religion
    IMPRECATION a curse
    INCULCATE to teach; impress in the mind
    INGRATIATE to gain favor with another by deliberate effort; to seek to please somebody so as to gain an advantage
    INIMICAL hostile; unfriendly
    INTER to bury
    INTRACTABLE not easily managed or manipulated
    INTRANSIGENT uncompromising; refusing to be reconciled
    INUNDATE to overwhelm; to vover with water
    INVECTIVE abusive language
    INVESTITURE ceremony conferring authority
    INVIDIOUS envious, obnoxious, or offensive; likely to promote ill-will
    ITINERANT wandering from place to place
    JETTISON to discard; get rid of as unnecessary or encumbering
    JINGOISM belligerent support of one's country
    JOCULAR playful; humorous
    LASSITUDE a state of diminished energy
    LEERY suspicious
    LEGERDEMAIN trickery
    LICENTIOUS immoral; unrestrained by society
    LIMPID clear; transparent
    LISSOME easily flexed; limber; agile
    LUGUBRIOUS sorrowful; mournful; dismal
    MANNERED artificial or stilted in character
    MARTINET strict disciplinarian; one who rigidly follows rules
    MENDACIOUS dishonest
    MENDICANT beggar
    MERCURIAL quick, shrewd, and unpredictable
    MERETRICIOUS gaudy; falsely attractive
    MILITATE to operate against; work against
    MIRTH frivolity; gaiety; laughter
    MISSIVE a written note or letter
    NASCENT starting to develop; coming into existence
    NUANCE a subtle expression of meaning or quality
    NUMISMATICS coin collection
    OBVIATE to prevent; to make unnecessary
    OCCLUDE to stop up; prevent the passage of
    OFFICIOUS too helpful; meddlesome
    OSTENSIBLE apparent
    OVERWROUGHT agitated; overdone
    PANEGYRIC elaborate praise; formal hymn of praise
    PECCADILLO minor sin or offense
    PEDANT someone who shows off learning
    PERFIDIOUS willing to betray one's trust
    PERFUNCTORY done in a routine way, indifferent
    PERSPICACIOUS shrewd, astute, or keen-witted
    PHILISTINE a person who is guided by materialism and is disdainful of intellectual or artistic values
    PITHY profound or substantial yet concise succinct, and to the point
    PLUCKY courageous; spunky
    POLEMIC controversy; argument; verbal attack
    POLITIC shrewd and practical in managing or dealing with things; diplomatic
    POSIT to assume as real or conceded; propose as an explanation
    POTENTATE monarch or ruler with great power
    PRECIPITATE to throw violently or bring about abruptly; lacking deliberation
    PRECIS short summary of facts
    PRESCIENT having foresight
    PREVARICATE to lie or deviate from the truth
    PROCLIVITY a natural inclination or predisposition
    PRODIGAL lavish; wasteful
    PROFLIGATE corrupt; degenerate
    PROPITIATE to conciliate; to appease
    QUERULOUS inclined to complain; irritable
    QUIESENT motionless
    REDRESS relief from wrong or injury
    REJOINDER response
    REPLETE abundantly supplied; complete
    REPOSE relaxation; leisure
    REPUDIATE to reject the validity of
    REQUITE to return or repay
    RESTIVE impatient, uneasy, or restless
    RETICENT silent; reserved
    RIBALD humorous in a vulgar way
    SAGACIOUS shrewd; wise
    SALIENT prominent; of notable significance
    SEDITION behavior that promotes rebellion or civil disorder against the state
    SENTIENT aware; conscious; able to perceive
    SOLECISM grammatical mistake; blunder in speech
    SPECIOUS deceptively attractive; seemingly plausible but fallacious
    STOLID unemotional; lacking sensitivity
    SULLY to tarnish; taint
    SURFEIT excessive amount
    SYNCOPATION temporary irregularity in musical rhythm
    TORPOR extreme mental and physical sluggishness
    TURGID swollen as from fluid; bloated
    UMBRAGE offense; resentment
    UNCONSCIONABLE unscrupulous; shockingly unfair or unjust
    UNEQUIVOCAL absolute; certain
    VENERABLE respected because of age
    VESTIGE a trace; remnant
    VICISSITUDE a change or variation; ups and downs
    VITUPERATE to abuse verbally; berate
    WAN sickly pale
    WANTON undisciplined; unrestrained; reckless
    WIZENED shriveled; withered; wrinkled
    WRAITH a ghost or specter; a ghost of a living person seen just before his/her death
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