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    How much GRE score is needed to get into MIT? What is minimum GRE score for MIT? You may be often asking these questions. This article will help you get an idea about the Average GRE score required to get admission into the premier institute Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) ranks #1 in the world for mostly all Engineering programs (Graduate and PhD). So, certainly it is asking you to have really high percentiles in your GRE scores if you are wishing see an email titled 'Admitted to MIT' someday in your inbox.

    So, what GRE scores are required for MIT?

    Average GRE Score For Master's Programs at MIT-

    Verbal Reasoning Score Range : 158 - 168
    Quantitative Reasoning Score Range : 163 - 166
    Analytical Writing Score Range : 4.0 - 6.0

    Average GRE Test score for Doctoral Programs

    Verbal Reasoning Score Range : 158 - 162
    Quantitative Reasoning Score Range : 164 - 168
    Analytical Writing Score Range : 4.0 - 6.0

    Only GRE scores won't get you an admit. However, GRE scores in the range mentioned supported with great academics, SOP, LORs will certainly put you in great position to be considered by MIT.

    Most of the departments at MIT are not mentioning the minimum GRE score required for admission. What all they are saying is evidence of excellence is needed in Recos or Previous research. But we can say GRE cut off score for MIT would be 225. Apply only if you have above GRE 325.

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