• Got visa for Fall 2015 for VIU in Chennai Consulate

    My Visa Interview experience: Visa Approved
    Consulate : Chennai
    Date : 20-Apr-2015
    Time : 10AM
    Univ : VIU

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    UG: BE/CSE
    % : 76
    Backlog: 0
    Passed out year: 2012
    Work experience: 2 years in HCL technologies
    IELTS: 6.5
    No GRE

    My Visa Interview Experience for Fall 2015

    VO: Gud morning
    Me: Gud morning, how are you?
    No reply from VO, I had my I20, acceptance letter and passport handy and passed it to VO.
    VO: So you are going to VIU?
    Me: yes sir
    VO: why VIU?
    Me: I contacted many students currently studying in VIU, some passed out students and professors. I got positive reviews from everyone about VIU. It has students from more than 60 countries which wil help me to gain international exposure. It is located very close to one of most powerful city in the world Washington DC, so being a computer science student I will get a chance to stay on top of current technologies and inventions.
    VO: How long are you working in HCL? (I mentioned this while filling out my DS160)
    Me: I am working for the past two years in HCL
    VO: what kind of job it is?
    Me: Explained about my nature of work
    VO: I could see that u hav been to Thailand twice, can u tell me the purpose of visit?
    Me: I have been to Thailand, Srilanka and Dubai with tourist visa.
    VO: Do you have any siblings?
    Me: I have two elder sisters, one sister resides in Srilanka and other sister in USA
    VO: what kind of visa your sister in US holds?
    Me: she holds L2 visa and my brother in law holds L1 visa both are working for the same company
    VO: since how long they are in US?
    Me: They are in US for the past 6 months
    VO: Did u apply to any other university?
    Me: I applied to Devry university and got admission for devry as well
    VO: why did you choose VIU and not Devry?
    Me: I spoke with both the university students and VIU was comparatively good in education standard.
    VO: who is sponsoring you?
    Me: My parents
    VO: what do they do?
    Me: we run jewellery business and we do get income from agriculture as well
    VO: your visa is approved, Plz take your I20 and acceptance letter. You can collect your passport after a day or two.
    Me: thank you so much smile emoticon

    Some hints and suggestion for visa interview:

    1. Filling DS160 with true info is very important, don't hide if u have your siblings in US.
    2. To be on the safer side, have all your supporting documents handy, but 99% it won't be asked as everyday more than 1000 applicants will hav their visa interview scheduled so VO hardly spends 5 mins on each applicant and there won't be enough time to check all your documents.
    3. Instead of having fake documents try your best to have all original and genuine documents. Even if u have fake documents and if suppose it is asked be confident to explain that its genuine.

    -- Arun Murugan
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    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      Thnx for guiding
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      Yeah thank u so much for ur guiding
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      Would you think if I had an bank account in my name would help?
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      Thanks for guiding us...
    1. Chunzom's Avatar
      Chunzom -
      I had applied for Pittsburg state university at USA Kansas I got admitted at college but I haven't met the requirements of English so I prefer for IEP I had my first interview on 11 Feb at 10:30
      Vo-why you are travelling to the USA?
      For my bachelor degree
      vo-why Pittsburg
      Intense preparation of future
      Decent faculty
      Course curriculum
      Vo-sorry can't grant you a visa

      My 2nd attempt 25-02-2016
      Good morning mam
      Vo-good morning
      Vo-Why your traveling to USA
      For my bachelors degree
      Vo-why USA
      Offers best education
      Flexibility in choosing the core subject
      Bachelors degree from us is valid all over world
      Tremendous research opportunities
      Vo-what your parents do
      Dad is in army officer as a subedar
      Mom ruins a 4 shop of clothes
      dad have a travel agent
      Vo-how many brother sister?
      One bro n one sis
      Vo-what they do?
      One is in m.a and brother is in chef course
      Vo-sorry I didn't saw any changes in you from the diary interview attempt sorry can't grant you visa
      I smile n went silent
      Guys please suggest me what is the main problem I have to improve
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      I have applied for east west university but I am confused visa officer asking "why you choose this university " ? Please suggest me best answer and I will go to for bachelor computer science course
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