• Got Visa for Fall 2013 in New Delhi Consulate. NO GRE and IELTS 6.5

    F1 Visa Interview Experience of a Student in New Delhi Consulate with No GRE Score and IELTS 6.5

    My VISA EXPERIENCE (MAY 9)[Sorry for Late Post ]
    PROFILE : UG- 78% , IELTS - 6.5 NO GRE
    CONSULATE : NEW DELHI !! (The Lady rejected all the VISAS before me ..She wasn't having smiling face and it seems to be harder to convince her )
    Here its goes ...
    ME : Good Morning Mam , How are you doing ?
    VO: Good Morning .. I am doing good !! (Pass your documents )
    ME : Sure Mam !
    VO : Which University ?
    ME : Told
    VO : How many other universities you applied to ?(She was just looking at I20)
    ME : Apart from this I have applied to CSU, Fullerton ; UIS , Springfield, FIU , Whichita State Uni ( No short forms used )
    VO : How do you come to know about this university ?
    ME : Mam through my extensive research that I conducted online and I took an advisory session at USIEF (full form )
    VO : How many years old are you ?
    ME : told !!
    VO : Whos sponsoring you ?
    ME : Mam my Mother is sponsoring me plus I have got GA from the university !!
    VO : What does your Mom do ?
    ME : Mam shes teaching as a lecturer in govt school from past 22 years !!
    VO : What about your Dad ?
    ME : Mam he is in defence from past 28 years !!(she was busy typing )
    VO : I approve your Visa(she smiled first time) .. Enjoy your stay !!
    ME : Thank you so much Mam !! and run away with smiling face :-)

    P.S. : 1)She didn't ask me for a single document she just checked my I20 !!
    2)She didnt ask income of my parents , Nothing about UG % or score cards
    May be it was my luck but moreover GOD'S Blessing !!
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    1. ardewharle's Avatar
      ardewharle -
      woow you re lucky
    1. miduthuru's Avatar
      miduthuru -
      Which univ dude?
    1. nabarjun's Avatar
      nabarjun -
      congrats! And no GRE? Seriously??! :O
    1. nishantam's Avatar
      nishantam -
      congrats. maybe she maybe sure that you will return as your mom n dad are less likely to move to US. they look for people who wants to get in US and immigrate for jobs
    1. vikramnitd's Avatar
      vikramnitd -
      what is the procedure to get an advisory session at USIEF?
    1. ifypee23's Avatar
      ifypee23 -
      Dear Cheruki,
      am a graduate from Nigeria with working experience.
      pls can you give me a list of universities that can accept an application for MS in Biomedical science or molecular Biology,Bioscience, or cell and molecular genetics, Cell Bioly and Genetics.with financial aid or Graduate assistantship for Spring or fall session 2014.
      I hold a First Class BSC in Cell Biology and Genetics, GRE- old version aggregate is 930, Quantitative-480, qualitative -450. IELTS - Speaking 7.0, Listening-7.5, Reading -7.5 and Writing- 6.5. Thus, an overall 7.0.
    1. ifypee23's Avatar
      ifypee23 -
      pls evaluate and kindly get back to me. thanks to you and your colleagues for all the help and information. hope to hear from you soon
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