• Got Full Tuition waiver at University of toledo

    Got 100% tuition waiver at University of toledo for Fall 2014. Here is my story - Rishabh Chauhan
    This is my 2nd admit
    University of Toledo
    Scholarship: 100% ( full tuition waiver)
    Dept: electrical engineering
    GRE : 312
    Acad above 3/4
    Toefl :99
    Money matters..so relieved

    Story of my University Admission with 100% Tuition waiver

    **Since i come from a middle class family,money actually matters **

    *First of all i built a profile of mine on LinkedIn.com

    LinkedIn profile URL : http://in.linkedin.com/pub/rishabh-chauhan/76/514/b88/

    Just mention as much stuff as much u can mention in detail on LinkedIn profile. Add pictures to your profile. Add certificates to ur profile...projects n all, I am no professional though...but u cn get ideas from my profile too if u wish to.link is already given.

    *Then I contacted one of the professors of the univ and asked him to go through this online profile of mine and my resume requesting him for some financial assistance.

    *Luckily he took out time and went through it,he said that he was impressed by my profle.He promised me that he will recommend my name for scholarship which he did

    *Initially graduate office mailed me that i have been admitted with no funding,so i asked the professor to mail d graduate office for assistance.

    *I had no idea that i will be getting a full tuition waiver so,i am more then satisfied.

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