• Got F1 Visa for Spring 2014

    Here goes the first VISA interview for SPRING 2014 in Hyderabad US Consulate.

    Consulate : Hyderabad
    Date & Time : 19th Sep, 8:30AM
    Counter No : 14, Token : E141
    VO rejected 3 VISA's before me.

    Interview time : 8:30Am reported at 8:00Am. Finished security check by 9:00. Interview for just 2Min (As my friends previouslydescribed it as Rapid Fire :P)

    Here goes the interview:
    ME: Good Morning officer, How do you do ?
    VO: Good morning, I am fine thank you. Pass me your documents.
    (Gave him I20, Passport, SEVIS receipt).
    VO: So, Y Embry-Riddle ? Place your left hand four fingers on the scanner.
    ME: Sure ! As I applied for my masters in Aerospace Engg & ERAU is best of my admits.
    VO: What are you going to do in Aeronautical Engineering ?
    ME: Yes sir it is Aerospace Engineering.
    VO: No, What is your specialization ?
    ME: Its structural Aerospace Engineering sir.
    VO: Describe. (Did't expect this question)
    ME: I am going to design the Aeronautical Structures. (VO didnt listen to this actually)
    VO: So I think you got a scholarship of $5000 ?
    ME: Yes sir, Actually its $10,000 as $5000 for First and rest for the Second Year based on my GPA.
    VO: Ok.. How are you going to pay the rest ?
    ME: My family is going to pay it sir.
    (VO checking something in his system and took the copy of my I20 from his printer)
    VO: Your VISA is approved. You can leave.
    ME: Thank you sir.

    Got tensed a little bit seeing 3 rejections before me, but finally I made it All the best for all the applicants for SPRING. Be kool.. The VO's are there to accept your VISA only !!
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    1. 0909swetha's Avatar
      0909swetha -
      Actually tensed.... Please some more Visa interview questions.

    1. shivaanand's Avatar
      shivaanand -
      what is ur gpa
    1. immuheet's Avatar
      immuheet -
      I am pursuing B.tech in Aeronautical Engineering
      whoever posted this experience could you please contact me it's urgent
    1. immuheet's Avatar
      immuheet -
      even I am of aeronautical branch
      admin could you please help me contact this member
      your co-operation will be appreciated
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