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    Take Free GMAT Practice tests now. When you are ready to take the GMAT, practicing few full length tests will certainly help boost up your scores. It is really hard to find Free GMAT tests online. I am posting the links to Free Full length GMAT Practice tests. You can take them free of cost. Also useful for CAT preparation.


    Here are the links to some very useful tests for GMAT practice. Solve them prior to your GMAT and know where your strength lies and what could possibly go wrong during the actual GMAT.

    1. Veritas Prep Test- GMAT

    Check out the link below and do not forget to seriously attempt one free full length test. Veritas free gmat test gives most accurate GMAT scores.

    2. GMAT Prep Official Software

    The Official software by GMAC who conducts actual GMAT. Contains real GMAT questions and realistic test scores analogous to actual GMAT.

    3. Kaplan GMAT Preparation Test

    One free full length GMAT Practice Test. Practice score may be slightly lower than in actual GMAT. Very good questions for both verbal and quantitative. Should be solved seriously when your GMAT test dates are approaching.

    4. Knewton GMAT Test

    A recommended series of tests for practice. Knewton provide six gmat online practice test and it covers entire GMAT syllabus. Knewton series claims to improve your GMAT score by atleast 50 points.

    5. GMAT Focus Test

    One free diagnostic test. Next tests will cost you but totally worth the money. This test should be solved before you start your GMAT preparations as a diagnostic test.

    6. Princeton Review

    One of the most recognized brand for test preparation.Princeton Review offers you one full length GMAT practice test free.

    7. Manhattan GMAT Practise Free Test

    Highly recommended test during your preparation phase. Extremely helpful to know where you stand. The Manhattan GMAT replicates the look of the software used in actual GMAT. So, it is gives simliar feel as in the GMAT.

    8. Platinum GMAT

    No sign up required, just free online GMAT test. The questions are asked in form of a quiz covering the entire GMAT syllabus. You also get unique AWA topic if you wish to practice the GMAT writing section.

    9. Peterson's GMAT Practice

    Good questions for practice. The software is not so great and isn't similar to the actual GMAT; but this free gmat practice test is recommended mainly for the quality of questions.

    10. Crack the GMAT

    A test that should be attempted before your preparations for GMAT. The diagnostic test can clear most of your doubts regarding GMAT- the test.

    11. TestDen GMAT Challenge

    An interactive test,not full length though. Should be given to brush up your GMAT/CAT preparations.

    Some sectionwise verbal and maths questions as per the GMAT syllabus can be found at:

    Practice each and every free GMAT Pratice tests listed here to score maximum.
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