• FALL 2013 visa approved in 1 min and no docs checked

    hello friends ,
    I want to share my experience at the chennai visa consulate for admission to fall 2013. I had scheduled my interview at 730 am on may X , 2013. ( remember to schedule your OFC appointment one day before). I was allowed to go inside the consulate after a series of security checks.

    my profile:: undergrad : 85% , gre - 315 , ielts - 8.

    I had to first get my documents verified at a counter when you enter inside. Then you undergo fingerprint scanning. I was asked to wait in the visa lobby and i was waiting for my token number to appear on the screen. My heart was pumping faster and faster. My token number appeared and i went to counter 22. The visa officer was a beautiful lady and was Indian . ( There was a US VO in Counter 23 )

    Me: good morning mam (with a smile)
    VO : Good morning , how r u ? ( even she was smiling)
    Me: am fine mam , hw r u doing ?
    VO : am gr8 can i have ur passport ?
    me : sure mam. (passed my passport , was very anxious to know wat her next ques wud be)
    (she was typing sumthng)
    VO: ur i20 ?
    ( i passed my i 20, i made sure that i keep a kind of professional smile )
    VO : which university
    me : told
    VO: who is funding you
    me : My parents and education loan will cover my entire two years of fee mam. ( she was continuously typing sumthng, didnt even look at me)
    VO: what are you doing now ?
    me : am stiil studying mam ,my course will be completed in june 2013 . I can show you course completion certificate.
    VO: No , that is not required . Your visa is approved enjoy your stay in the US. (she was smiling)
    ( i couldnt believe that she said it so soon)
    me : Thank u so much ma ( with a big smile)
    VO: no problem (smiling)

    It was jus awesome experience. No documents checked. She didnt ask for any proofs , no gre score card asked for .
    Be confident and be urself. Hope every1's interview goes in the same way.
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    1. Jomin's Avatar
      Jomin -
      Congrats dude!!!
    1. svkr's Avatar
      svkr -
      u r too lucky mann...all the best dudee !!!!
    1. friendlyfr's Avatar
      friendlyfr -
      Congos! You were in the lucky side of VISA process... Congrats dude
    1. sraja8888's Avatar
      sraja8888 -
      congrats u r too lucky
    1. Dude's Avatar
      Dude -
      **** you
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