• F1 Visa Rejection at Chennai Consulate - University of Oklahoma,Norman

    My visa got rejected on 23rd Dec at Chennai consulate.My visa interview timing was at 11am but it started at 12.15pm and i guess was the last.Here is my visa experience:

    me: Good afternoon sir how are you?
    vo: very good afternoon i am good.

    vo: so u are going to Lawrence Technological University?(I don't know how he came to know i have admit from this univ also)

    me: no sir i am going for University of Oklahoma,Norman.
    voHe was confused for few seconds and started looking on computer for few seconds) Ok why you wanna go with this University?

    me: Sir this university was recommended to me by senior project manager,his nephew also did his ms from same university and now working in tata motors with very good package and position.I also conferred with my college professors and colleague and i got positive feedback about this university. I did extensive research on internet and gone through university website and found out that research working going on CAD/CAM applications under Dr Starley is related to my field of experience.So studying under Dr Straley would defined will help me to nourish my technical knowledge. Also the lab facility in this university is very good.It will help me to understand the depth of my studies. All this factors fascinated me and i have decided to go with this university and i am sure this university will make me perfect graduate.(vo was looking constantly on computer)

    Vo: What is your undergraduate marks?(I couldn't hear him properly,he was speaking very slowly)
    me:Please pardon sir.

    vo: What is your undergraduate marks?
    me: sir 6.31.

    vo: How many backlog you have?
    me: sir two and they are not related to my field of specialization.

    vo: what is your gre score?
    me: sir 1020

    vo: Can i see your marks card?
    me:sure.I gave my scored card and told my score is low because to score good in gre you need lots of practice and as i was working i didn't get much time for practice.( i thought of telling him that my university has already accepted me with this score that's why they gave me admit so i don't think so i there should be any problem)

    vo: sorry i cannot issue you visa this time.
    me: Sir can i know the reason?

    vo: we cannot give reasons to everyone.
    me: sir is it worth applying again?

    vo : definetly you should apply again.
    me : Thank you sir and merry Christmas.

    I have 3.5 years of exp in Infosys and also worked with ngo for 9 years.
    I thought i will have some plus points with these things but they are of no use. Also thought after 23rd they will going for Christmas vacation so they will be in festive mood but that didn't mattered.It all depends upon there mood.
    Seniors and friends please go through my exp and tell what might have went wrong. I am planning to give again in 1st week of Jan and i have very less time remaining.please help
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      what do u think has been the reason for rejectiion all this while?
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      come on! even someone reading the script above will ask "why should this guy be given the visa"

      you have bad scores and you try to tell them that u were working and hence could not prepare. Hello??? Is this your tuition center to give all these croc tears? funny guy. typical!
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      >> The reason for rejection can be:
      vo: Can i see your marks card?
      me:sure.I gave my scored card and <<<told my score is low because to score good in gre you need lots of practice and as i was working i didn't get much time for practice.>>>

      Do tell anything unless asked. He just asked you to show the card.
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