• F1 Visa Rejected to Stratford University

    BE Information Technology(2015) CGPA– 7.37
    Backlogs – 15(all cleared)
    Work Experience – 11 months
    GRE – 294
    IELTS – 6.5
    Stratford university, Falls Church, VA 22043, United States.
    Mumbai Consulate General
    27th June 2016. 10:00 AM

    ME – Good Morning mam.
    VO – (Typing something...)Which University..?
    ME – Stratford university, Virginia.
    VO – (Typing continuously...)How many universities have you applied?
    ME – 4.
    VO – (Typing ...)which ones?
    ME – Bridgeport, Stratford, UT Dallas and UIS Springfield.
    VO – (Typing ...)what's their status?
    Me – I got rejection from Bridgeport and UT Dallas and UIS Spriengfield's decision is still pending.
    VO – (Typing ...)Who is sponsoring you?
    ME – My father.
    VO – (Typing ...)what does he do?
    ME – He is a businessman.

    VO – sorry, for this time I can't approve your visa...!!! This will help you to understand the reason of your rejection(passed 214b description page to me).
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