• F1 Visa Rejected for Sanjose State University in New Delhi Consulate

    F1 Visa Rejected for Sanjose State University in New Delhi Consulate. My Visa Experience goes here. - Punit Sharma
    Consulate : Delhi
    Slot : 8 AM
    Counter : 15
    Date : 11th June
    Profile : GRE/TOEFL 300/94, UG 60%, 2.5 Yrs Work Ex @ TCS

    VO was serious guy on wrong side of 40's or early 50's. Rejected 2 before me.

    Here it goes :

    Me : Morning Sir
    VO : Good Morning

    VO : Pass your docs
    Me : I did

    VO : Why U want to go to US
    Me : To persue Master of Sci in Soft. Engg.

    VO : Which uni
    Me : San jose state uni

    VO : Which uni u applied to?
    Me : (All full forms) SJSU, SDSU, UTA, SMU, SUNY- Binhampton, Stevens Inst. of Tech., UNCC, CSU-LB
    (Dint paused but i think i was looking like m trying to recall. Also skipped UTD coz i cudn't recall)

    VO : From Which uni you got admit?
    Me : (All full forms) SJSU, SDSU, UTA, SMU, Stevens Inst of Tech, CSU-LB

    VO : Why you have choosen SJSU?
    Me : Sir, Uni is offerring Cloud computing as specialization which is my area of interest and also
    it a relatively new technology here in India and it a booming technology. So i ll be having lots of
    of oppotunities here post MS.

    VO : What you did in Bachelors?
    Me : Did B.Tech in Comp Sci & Engg

    Vo : When did you passed out?
    Me : 2010

    Vo : What have you been doing since?
    Me : M working with TCS since then

    VO : How you are funding your education?
    Me : (My knock out answer i guess) M having an approved loan of 25L and amount of 17L in form
    of FD's, GPF, savings balance and National savings certificates of my parents.(Not sure
    what I said exactly but I mentioned loan in the beginning. Also i think i dint clearly explain
    the break up of those 17L)

    VO : What your parents do?
    Me : Both are in govt. services.(also told their designations and dept)

    VO : Do you have any brother or sister?
    Me : YOunger brother

    VO : What he is doing?
    Me : Told

    VO : Where is he?
    Me : In India only

    VO typed something

    VO : I dont consider you to be qualified to go to US.

    I just went away without having another look at him. Dont know what I was thinking.
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    1. vibhsbmw's Avatar
      vibhsbmw -

      Was your work exp. was d factor of getting rejection....

      Since u r TCS employee and US visa person are strictly against such IT companies.

      I am also applying and I am having 3.11 Years of Exp.
    1. Prerna 15's Avatar
      Prerna 15 -
      Finance was the major issue in your case. As you never mentioned about your own savings which will take care of your loans..
    1. Prerna 15's Avatar
      Prerna 15 -

      I think your finance was an issue. Your huge loan might be dubious to VO as y would you come back here with a such a huge debt...

      And ur brother too studying what if he wants to pursue studies in USA...

      Other things were in ur favor.. scores , exp., academics!!
    1. vibhsbmw's Avatar
      vibhsbmw -
      Hi Prerna,

      I am also applying for Jan 2014 session. Following universities I am targeting:

      Mississippi State University (M.S.U.)
      University Of Houston
      Louisiana Tech University
      University of*Louisiana*at Lafayette
      TEAXAS A&M
      Southeastern Louisiana University
      Southern Methodist University
      The University of Texas at Dallas
      Baylor University
      The University of Texas at San Antonio
      Texas State University-San Marcos
      Rice University
      The University of Southern Mississippi
      texas tech

      I have 3.11 Years Exp. With Grad Percentage: 55% from Pune university. Please tell me the GRE requirements for the above listed universities....

      Thanks in advance !!!
    1. Pankaj_Jadhav's Avatar
      Pankaj_Jadhav -
      " So i ll be having lots of oppotunities here post MS" -- Here you missed it...always assure the consulate that you are going to return back to India..after graduating...
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