• F1 Visa Rejected thrice - Now, Accepted for Fall 2012-Low Ranked School

    Student's Successful F1 Visa Experience on 4th attempt. Student Visa Rejected 3 times. Applies to Visa Interview with Low Ranked School (Sacred Heart University) and Low GRE - 850.

    F1 Visa Rejected in 3rd attempt

    I was rejected twice before this third attempt bcoz of low schol(sacred heart univ) and then becuasue of Low profile. Then I realized that giving him a point answers for the questions like Wats ur gre- xxx, %- xxx doesnt show my confidence nor strenghts of my profile.

    Here I realized with these kind of acads and gre, we cannot get a visa. I thought explaining him my profile in much details than a Consultancies mock intrvw preparation with defined answers.

    Here comes my Interview for the 3rd time-.

    VO:gud mrng sir,hw u doing.
    me:doing good dear john elvin.

    VO:hw come u knw my name?
    me:hav seen U at OUCIP and many of ur photos in a blog.

    vohhh.thats fine.which time r u applying to??
    me:3rd time

    vo:alright,what ar ur academics


    me:a total of 11,but only 4 belong to my CS course .

    vo:sorry,u r'nt qualified with the US laws.u can find in reason in this slip.
    me:sir,frm last 2 times,I was given the same 214b slip.But i couldnt find any justified for my rejection in it.

    vo:as u hav low acads and gre,U cannot compete with US students over there.
    mek sir.I agree.Can I speak for 1 min if u permit??

    vokk,go onn.
    me:sir,for the first time,I was rejected bcoz low school.and 2nd time,I didnt find any proper reason.But,as I hav already completed my Btech i.e undergraduate,I cannot improve my UG % or my backlogs.
    let me tell u 1 thing that,Our curriculum is a mixture of all engineering subjects,where an CS student faces electrical and mechanical subjects.To me,though my backlogs sounds heavy,only 3-4 were of my CS related subjects rest all are out of my preferred.
    As i was rejected for 2 times,to test my capabilities,had given a job trial in the market and got a job.so that it can proove that am eligible for the skills a company require.
    to over come my GRE,i hav an internship program with a company and it can b used as wrk xperince.

    am saying all these,to proove that am capable in skills required for doing Master's.here are the proof's for those(passed certificates).

    vo:U hav got lot of oppurtunities in India.U hav good universities.y dnt u do u MS here.
    me:gud suggestion sir.but to get an admit in India,ther r many factors which reflect in india for admission for xample like-reservation quota,locality preference,recommendations.Where in US,we can get our admission purely based on our acads and Stmtn of our purpose.and I hav secured my admission only based on my project related to networking.even my intership is of the same.

    vo:hey,got impressed with ur answers.but i cant compete with ur previous visa intrvw's and go across to theri decision.sorry.
    mewith a smile),if so,there are many cases in hyd who got their visas in their 3rd attmtp,6th attempt,11th attempt.
    vo:y u all guys waste ur money.

    me:that is our strong zeal for our MS to gain an international MS award frm prestigious country like US.
    vo:there r many univ's here in india itself and u can get more options for ur careeer growth.am i right??

    me:i agreee with u sir.but there wnt b any change frm the Ug and our Mtech course curriculum.though we get a Degree,its completely related to theory subjs where we lag in practical knwledge.for example,we r taught hw write a prgm,but still we dnt knw hw it implement it and what goes goes inside when we gor for compilation.it matters frm our Mtech to MS.

    vo:u hav got prepared well man.gr8 job.but,its out of my hands.cant do anythng.
    me:no problem sir.but to me,Masters is a challenge to proove myslef infront of my parents and my GIRl.atleast for that i will reapply again.

    but where am confused is that,i still hanvt found to what changes do i need to make atleast for 4th time.this is wat worrying me.anyhw sir,today am happy for atleast having a long session with U.thanx for ur time.
    vo:gud luck sir.hav a nice day.

    me:u too.bye.

    F1 Visa Interview Approval in 4th Attempt

    After a week of depressions, I've made a recap of my interview for more than 50 times and then got the point for my rejection. All the explanation or the conversations has started after the decision has been Made. Here I understand that VISA officer thought of issuing a visa. But cannot cahnge the decision once it has entered into this syst.

    So, Just gave a gap of 6 months gained some work experince and gave a try again-

    Atlast here comes my final entry into the Consulate and came out with teen maar dance-

    Officer- pass ur docs
    Me- has given my Ds-160, passport and sevis.

    Officer- She scanned my ds-160 and busy with reading my previous visa intrvw officer comments,
    Me- Officer, I would like to reduce ur stress by explaing my case in much detail.

    Officer- Sorry..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(with a confused expression)
    Me- I would like to explain you those comments and my profile in much detail than it is in your syst.

    officer- Ok , tell me.
    Me- Frankly speaking this is my 4th attempt for the VISA and yes, atlast I realized that I was rejected coz of low acads and GRE. I came to know that these two factors play a key role for qualifying a visa.
    To explain u about my case, I'm done with my UG in 2011 and now I cant make any changes to my % or my count of backlogs. So I'm helpless in this. When GRE is considered, I think I dont hav to retake it again, when i was given an admit from an univ with this score.

    I agree, its wholelymy responsibility to proove that am eligible for VISa. without knowing this, I tried for past 3 times but in vain. I was rejected coz I always tried to support the negatives of my profile but no where, shown the positives of my profile.

    Here I come today, though I had low acads, I'm currently working in Amazon.com with same aggregate from past 8 months. I have 11 backlogs, But I hav more than 20 extra curricular certificates which makes me special when compared to others. Here are the certificates. Passeed on my PPT particiapation, Best empoyee certf, etc etc etc

    Today, I'm very much comfortable with my Job. But there is something lagging caled Knowledge when compared to my collegues and experince, lacking in practical work. To overcome, I've again decided to apply for only to US visa and today here I'm.

    Officer- she took the certificates and had a stare to them for atleast 2 minutes. Okay, how long r u working with Amazon
    Me- From past 8 months. Here are my salary slips and officer Indentiy card.
    Officer- wat is ur role in Amazon.
    Me- Amazon has recently launched a device Kindle Fire , a competetion for Iphone. My job is to resolve customers technical isuses with those devices.
    Officer- Y did u choose this univ.
    Me- My undergrad professor is from the same univ and suggested me this coz networking course curriculum which helps me for current operations at Amazon.
    Officer- How many backlogs do U have.
    Me- 11. (and I explained the same reason which I've given at my 3rd intrvw)
    Officer- Where exactly r u going to Us.
    Me- Commerce, 65 miles away from Dallas. Its in state of texas.
    Officer- What are ur plans after Ms.
    Me- I havnet resigned my job. I just took a gap of 2 years with my managers permission and my Job wil b as it is after my renttry into Amazon. So, will b back after getting certified in US.
    Officer- how r u going to manage ur funds-
    Me- my father is xxx, having a savings of xxx and for safe side, a loan amount ofxxxx...............

    She took my i20, typed for almost more than 2 minutes and then finally she said- Sir, am approving ur visa and u'll recevie ur passport in 3 business days. I wish U all the best sir.
    Me- Thank U mam.
    Officer- I like ur frankness.
    Me- Thank U . Thank U a lot.

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    1. vidhismile's Avatar
      vidhismile -
    1. senthil's Avatar
      senthil -
      can please tell me, those XXX's are how much, because this will help me.

      thanks in advance.
    1. rusty's Avatar
      rusty -
      Dude!!! U really gave me a start
    1. virajrocks's Avatar
      virajrocks -
      First Congrats!

      Thanks a lot for sharing this experience of yours. My situation is same when it comes to academics. Several backlogs and I'm going to take my GRE soon in Nov, 2012.

      What I concluded from these interviews is you really had confidence in speaking. The more you speak and try to convince them, the more chances of getting VISA approved. Speaking well matter hell lot is what I concluded from this.

      Moreover I think your work experience helped you finally. Above all you worked at Amazon India & it helped you much.

      I was in search of such conversations and it'll help in my nearby future.

      Thank you again.
    1. aeiczmlgwl's Avatar
      aeiczmlgwl -
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    1. hemakrshnn's Avatar
      hemakrshnn -
      Hi, I got admission from the University of New Haven and my visa was rejected twice, first time on 23rd July, second one on 1st of August.
      My profile : 15 years of education (B.Sc), GRE - 285 (UNH didnt ask for GRE),
      TOEFL - 86.
      5 years of IT exp - 2.4 in TCS and 2.5 in IBM
      Have B1 till 2020 and I have travelled once to US thro IBM for KT

      My interview went like this
      All appealing and soft introduction was over then,
      VO: Year of graduation
      Me :2007
      VO: Any backlogs
      Me: No backlogs Mam
      VO: what are youd oing now?
      Me: Working for IBM
      VO: Annual income
      Me:6.5 lakhs per annum
      VO: I'm sorry I cannot issue you a visa now if you wish to apply in the future you can do so and thats upto you
      ME: (walked away saying thank you with a smile)

      Now, I really do not understand what went wrong. Applying for the 3rd time is a good idea?? Also I will have to report at the University by 29th of Aug. I'm not a potential immigrant infact my parents and in laws haven't given me more time to apply for the next intake whatever the case is after I complete my masters I should come back.. But I don have a chance to prove these things to the VO. Please help me and guide me what should I do...
    1. ps0927's Avatar
      ps0927 -
      Hi Uday,

      can u please clarify few things
      1) Have u attended visa interview for 4 times in the same consulate or different consulate?
      2) were you finally accepted for the same Sacred Heart university or did you change your university?

      Thanks in advance.
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      zahgpxw -
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    1. luvlydan's Avatar
      luvlydan -
      thank you so much,I will be going back for the 4th time next week after 3denial in October, November and December, I pray I will come out dancing too
    1. abirami's Avatar
      abirami -
      . I applied for my f1 visa last week it got rejected:-(.. is it due to low Toefl score??? I just got 63/120. But the VO did not asked my score report he just asked my I20 and passport alone and he asked me why do you want to pursue MBA healthcare administration ??? Actually I am a dentist .. i am not intrested in clincal aspect i just want to change my feild so i said i am intrested towards management aspect eventhought my visa got rwejected,-(
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