• F1 Visa Rejected 4 times, Approved in 5th attempt in US Consulate Chennai

    Hi friends , Here goes my visa interview experiences. I got F1 visa in 5th attempt, Rejected 4 times. - Sateesh Konda.

    This is 5th attempt . i hope my exp will help you all , who are rejected before...
    1st attempt : Hyderabad----2011---Sacred Heart University---rejected
    reason : i dint catch the question she asked that am a BONAFIDE student or not.

    2nd attempt : chennai-----2011---SHU----Rejected
    reason : no particular reason , but i gave a good wishes to him , while am returning back, with a big smile and huge disappointment inside.
    3rd attempt : chennai ----2013---University of central missouri----rejected
    reason : she asked you came couple of times before,what changes you have made, while am speaking she interrupted and said her decision(rejected) .

    4th attempt : chennai---2013----UCM----rejetced ...
    reason : she asked my particularly about my academics, and typed for 2 mins and still denied ..gave my passport back.

    5th attempt : hyderabad ---2013---UCM---approved ...
    conversation starts here .
    Me : Gg mg mam , how are you ?

    VO : am fine what about you ? pass your docs

    Me : am fine too , gave my passport I20

    VO : she scanned and asked me "you went to delhi last time ,and your visa got denied , right ?

    Me : No mam , i attended in chennai for couple of times ,( she looked at me suddenly to check my expression)

    VO : okay last time , u came wit SHU , now whic university .

    Me : UCM mam .

    VO : how many admits you got and how many I20's you got.

    Me : applied for 4 , got 3 admits ,got 2 I20's .

    VO : whats the other I20 , why only UCM .

    Me :UCM has a good course curriculum , Quality research XXXXXXXX( id ont know what i am speaking , but confidence was at peek and used some technical subject names)

    VO : which year passed out , aggregate , any backlogs

    Me : 2011,no backlogs 66%.( and i was expecting a question wat i did all these days)

    VO : what you did all these days .

    Me : XXXX as a intern , and working with XXX as paid inter . (true experience)

    VO : what you will with this degree after masters.

    Me : i return back to INDIA

    VO : i dont care you come back or not , what ypu will with this degree.

    Me : i like to fetch a job in top MNC core companies like XXX ZZZZ , which is related to my masters specialization subject.

    VO : which company , why that company ?

    Me : XXX as it needs a database management system, it will help to build my career.

    VO : who is your sponsor , what your father do , whats his annual income.

    Me : father , doing business from past 30 years , 00 lkhs annum,

    VO : (silently typed for 2 minutes)

    Me : i interrupted and said about my bank loan and fixed deposit, savings.

    VO : tell me that company name again ,that u wanna work for in future

    Me : said ( she started Typing again for 1 minute and asked all the above questions again and took my details into system .

    VO : if you gonna let me down , i will find you at US,put your right hand , am approving the visa.

    Me : thank you mam , i wont let you down,and said than you again and again while am turing back with my documents.
    VO : get out of her , ( i almost crossed the counter and turned at her again saying thank you)

    Me : thank you
    VO : study well there with a happy smile
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    1. vibhsbmw's Avatar
      vibhsbmw -
      Ur gre marks... toefl marks????
    1. Guru Kanth's Avatar
      Guru Kanth -
      grt boss
    1. maheshb4u's Avatar
      maheshb4u -
    1. srichakri's Avatar
      srichakri -
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      You must have spent a fortune for all five attempts without loosing hope and contributed your share to build fence across Mexico border.
    1. prasannata's Avatar
      prasannata -
      Hi its me prasannata I wasrejected 3times. Will u give me a idea..
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      in 10-86%, in 12th science - 69.02%, IELTS-6 bands.Can I get visa. I have I-20 of Monroe College.
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      evn I'm planning for d 5th attempt
      plz give me some suggestions
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
      in 10-86%, in 12th science - 69.02%, IELTS-6 bands.Can I get visa. I have I-20 of Monroe College.
      did you get yur visa for monroe college?
    1. swagath95's Avatar
      swagath95 -
      Hi guys
      i applied to 7 universities and got admit from 3 universities
      would that pose a problem for my visa approval??
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      I applied for three times , this time time with Chicago university i20
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