• Got Visa with GRE 286 in Chennai US Consulate

    Hi Guys! i am Sruthi Anne. I am done with my F1 VISA interview on 16th of May in Chennai consulate and I am posting my experience. I am new to MSinUS FB group. Hope you find this useful. Actually this is my first post in MSinUS Group:-)

    F1 Visa Interview with Low GRE Score - Visa Accepted

    My profile

    GRE- 286/340 (q-156 and v-130 awa-2.5) My biggest weak point in my profile. Coming from science back ground I was so reluctant to write GRE, but I had too….
    IELTS -7.0 (in all 4 sections)
    BDS %- 67.5% with zero backlogs (GPA)=3.7/4.0 (as per ECE evaluation)
    Another weak point in my profile is that my sponsor is my mother (a pensioner) as I my father had expired 4 years back.
    Major- Masters in Public Health (MPH)
    I-20 amount -$ 39,400.

    Now the main part-

    My slot was at 7:30 am on May 16th. I reached the venue by 6:45 and saw few people already waiting there. I was called inside at 7:15. I had to pass through security check and they had issued me a token number “N 18” after seeing my appointment letter and DS-160 form. Then I passed through two screening tests and they had sent me to wait in a room were my Appointment letter,DS-160 form,sevis receipt,HDFC fee receipt, I -20 are pinned together with the passport. Then after that I went to give my finger prints and finally I was sent to Visa waiting hall and there is a screen that displays your token number at the assigned interview counter. The Visa officers came to the counters by 8 am sharp. I was waiting eagerly for my number and then two counters are opened and I had to go for the third counter which is Counter15. I am the third person and 2 members are there in front of me and those guys came for H1 visa.

    The visa officer questions and the applicant’s answers were audible to others as they conversed through mikes. I neither want to bore you nor scare you with the details; but I just want you guys to be totally prepared. The two visa applicants prior to me (for H1 visa) got the visa approved. Then came my turn around 8:10 am, I had just crossed the line and the Visa officer showed his hand asking me to wait for a while. The visa officer is a young American guy who is serious in his late twenties or early thirties. I struggled hard to retain my confidence and my legs were shivering. He asked me the following questions:

    ME: Good morning sir.. How r u? (With a big smile on my face)
    VO: Good morning he is waiting for me to pass my documents
    VO: he checked my I -20 and asked me for which university r u going?
    ME: University of North Texas Health Science Centre sir..
    VO: Why r u going to U.S?
    ME: To pursue Masters in Public health specialising in Community Health and Preventive medicine.
    VO: Why did u choose this university?
    ME: It is one among the 47 accredited council of education of Public health schools in U.S. It has various community outreach centres which would help me to gain to lot of clinical experience and patient exposure…(then he interrupted me why r u concentrating on patient exposure ….
    VO: What did u do your bachelors in? Does u have any experience?
    ME: I did my bachelors in dental Surgery and I passed out in September 2011 from then I am doing internship in a private dental clinic in Guntur.
    VO: Ok.. Do you have any Backlogs?
    ME: I don’t have any backlogs sir (He didn’t hear me properly and asked me again with a serious tone…)
    VO: How many do u have?
    ME: Nooo backlogs sir (with confidence) I completed my bachelors with 67.5% and I got my scores evaluated by ECE evaluation and I was awarded a gpa of 3.7/4 …. Do u want to see that sir….
    May be he said no but I didn’t hear it properly and I was looking into file.
    Then the VO seriously told that I said noo): Typing for a while…
    VO: Why master in public health being a BDS student? (Most important question of my interview) (VO: stopped typing and he was staring into my eyes seriously and was listening carefully to each and every word I speak)
    ME: During my under graduation I have seen a lot of people suffering from diseases mainly because of lack of knowledge and awareness on health related issues. So I would like to provide my services to all the under privileged sections of Indian community.
    I believe that he was impressed with this answer….
    VO: How r u planning to fund your education?
    ME: I and my mother together (joint account) have a savings bank balance of 22 lakhs, fixed deposits of 5 lakhs and an educational loan of 15 lakhs. I asked him again do u want me to show sir.
    He said Noo…
    VO: What is your father?
    ME: My father had expired 4 years back in a road accident
    VO: ooh I am sorry for that..
    Did u write any qualifying exams?
    ME: I have given GRE and IELTS
    VO: He asked me for my score cards?
    ME: I internally felt much tensed and gave him my score cards (I was preparing myself to answer why less GRE) (I intentionally put my IELTS score card first)
    VO: He carefully observed them and I was staring at him anxiously
    Finally he said that I am approving u visa… all the best
    I said him thank u sir thanks a lot… have a nice day….
    Then I didn’t even heard a single word about my passport and I came out blushing
    MY interview lasted for about 3 minutes and I was out of the embassy by 8:15am

    I hope my profile and financial background will help students with similar profile and don’t worry always be confident with a positive attitude and retain smile on your face whatever may be the situation.

    Answer every question tactfully then visa is definitely in your hands but u should definitely do homework on all the possible questions that u would face at the time of interview before u appear for it. Hard work definitely pays off this is for sure. The same thing happened with me.

    I wish you all good luck and I sincerely wish all your visas get accepted in the first interview only. All the very best!! Excuse me for spelling and grammar mistakes.

    I am thankful to my mother for supporting me a lot and sending me to U.S as I am the only daughter for her (I don’t have siblings)Last but not least I am very thankful to my friend who guided, motivated and helped me a lot all the way starting from applying to passport to the present date.

    Low GRE,TOEF,IELTS,GMAT Score - Problem for US Visa?

    Low GRE,TOEFL,IELTS,GMAT Scores are never a problem for F1 visa Interview. Didn't u see students having F1 Visa accepted with GRE scores like 280,270?. You are attending for US Student Visa for Masters or PhD at a US University - If the University is fine with your test scores, visa officer will have no objection to issue your Visa. University issued I20 after deciding you are a good fit for their School standards.

    F1 Visa Rejection Cases with Low Test Sores

    Let me tell you a tip is this situation.Your visa is rejected and you have low scores. Now you are going to attend F1 Visa Interview 2nd time.

    A MUST question from Visa Officer - What changes have you made in your documentation since last time?

    Tip: Take GRE,TOEFL before attending visa interview and show your improved scores. Show your Passion towards US Education and Your hard work to improve scores.

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      Hi Sruthi Anne,

      What was the normal course completion time-was it mentioned 24 months or 36 months? I am for the same uni and same program.
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