• Visa Officer to a Student: Come back to Visa Interview after 2 yrs of work experience

    What is role of Work Experience in US Student Visa Interview? Will Job experience add points in Visa Interview? This is visa experience of a student who got F1 visa rejected because of low GRE score and lack of work experience.

    F1 Visa Interview Experience with No Work Experience

    Visa Officer: good afternoon
    Student: wished him
    Visa Officer: when did you graduated
    Student: 2012
    Visa Officer: percentage?
    Student: 67.4
    Visa Officer: gre?
    Student: 980
    Visa Officer: what is your feeling?
    Student: the score is less but my acads overlapped wid my gre, i gave much importance to my acads probably that might be the reason for getting low score
    Visa Officer: the students with your profile will work for 2 yrs and goes for graduation why are you not doing the same like others
    Student: I want do complete my edu first
    Visa Officer: sorry i cant approve your visa because you are not eligible enough to do masters in us
    Student: but i have good profile sir.
    Visa Officer: i know ur a good student but i want you work for 2 yr before applying to visa.

    What should i do now?

    Handling F1 Visa Interview with low profile

    Low academics are really not a problem in F1 Visa Interview, if your answers are enough to convince visa officer that you would be able to survive in the University among students with better scores and academics.

    Your answers should reflect that higher education would improve your knowledge. Show your zeal for higher education.

    With the question 'What is your feeling?', visa officer given the student a chance to convince him. Your answer should be elaborate and should explain the effort you out and the ways you tried to overcome your low profile. One should add some points in his career like 1) Attending some training sessions. 2) Research paper presentations 3) Seminars etc.
    Never give a single line answer for this kinds of questions.

    Can i attend visa Interview next time?

    Yes you can. And try again with good answers. University didn't ask you to work and they are fine with your Scores and Profiles. University didn't mention about work experience on I-20 or admission letter, right?

    Guys, Please add your comments to this article on - How to handle this kind of situations?
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    1. prabodh's Avatar
      prabodh -
      The time you have in hand seems a little on the lesser side but you can try and appear for your GRE again and try to improve your score ... a gud GRE score leaves a good impression in the mind of VO
    1. karthikmax's Avatar
      karthikmax -
      Did you really answer "I want to complete my education first"?

      I think you should have prepared well for the interview. And yes, apply for visa interview again. This time make sure you prepare well.

      All the best!!
    1. kzycwrw's Avatar
      kzycwrw -
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