• F1 Visa Interview Questions

    List of my F1 Visa Interview Questions. Attended for F1 Visa Interview 4 times. I am posting all of my student visa interview questions here.

    F1 Visa Interview Questions

    Finally the wait comes to an end..
    Here goes my VISA experience.

    Profile :
    Gre : 285 (Q145,V140) AWA : 3
    ielts : 6.5 (L:7,S:7,R:6,W:6)
    Acads : 56 with 55 backlogs (said 19 to VO)
    univ : NPU
    No Consultancy
    It's a bit lengthy, if you are interested and got enough patience go ahead or quit reading rite here.

    1st attempt- 20 Nov- Hyderabad
    2nd - 25 Nov - Chennai
    3rd - 5 Dec - Hyderabad
    4th - 19 Dec – MUMBAI (Approved)

    Visa Questions in 1st attempt

    1st attempt- 20 Nov- Hyderabad, counter : 15, slot 8 am, univ : NPU

    Was standing in the q at counter 15, three guys for F-1 in front of me. He checked all the transcripts of them so I've decided not to bluff about my backlogs.

    Visa officer around 30 years with a serious face.

    Me : Good morning Sir (with a close up smile, brushed with Colgate though :P)
    VO : Can you pass me your Passport (Gave)
    VO : I 20(gave)
    VO : When did you complete your under graduation?
    Me : 2012 sir
    VO : What were you doing from 2012?
    Me : I was working for Amazon as a “Digital Specialist” from September 2012.
    VO : Whats “Digital specialist”?
    Me : Explained.
    VO : Can I see the proof?
    Me : Gave my business card and salary slips. (checked them thoroughly)
    VO : Is it Amazon.com or any supporting company for Amazon.
    Me : I directly work for Amazon Sir.
    VO: Are your pay slips by Amazon.
    Me : yes sir
    VO : How many backlogs do you have.
    Me : (I was prepared to ans 24 as I removed few transcripts) I said 19 sir.
    VO : Can I see ur transcripts.
    ME : Yes sir (Passed my transcripts)
    VO : Checked each and every transcript.
    (Mean while I was explaining him that I met with an accident in my 3rd year and was bed ridden for 5 months so I missed few exams, When he was going through my 3rd year transcripts I was pointing at them and was explaining that AB represents Absent and this was the sem I missed my exams and then when he moved to 4th year I said him that I worked hard and cleared all the backlogs and scored 80% in my final sem)
    VO : Sorry I cannot approve your visa(with 214(b)).

    Said thank you and walked away with tears running down my eyes.

    Came out of the Consulate, went to the tea stall outside the consulate took a chai with my regular Oxygen I was totally blank dint know wat to do, there was a song playing in my Mind all the way till I reached my place.
    “This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill
    Fifteen percent concentrated power of will
    Five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain
    And a hundred percent reason to remember the name!”

    Came home.. took money from my Mom went to Axis Bank, paid my visa fee.

    F1 Visa Questions in Chennai

    2nd attempt- 25 Nov – Chennai – counter 19, slot 11am, univ : NPU

    My number was displayed on the screen, went to the counter.

    VO was almost 6 foot 4” was and was speaking with a pleasant smile with the lady before me for her H1 visa, her visa was approved.

    VO : Hello Sir
    Me : Hello officer, how are you doing.
    VO : I'm great can see your Passport.
    Me : Yes sir,
    VO : Pass me your I20 and which university.
    Me :Norwesen Politechnc university (in a fake accent)
    VO : I'm sorry can you repeat the name.
    Me : Sir its Northwestern Polytechnic University, in CA.
    VO : Can I see you GRE score card.
    Me : passed both my GRE and IELTS (IELTS on the top)
    VO : I want only your GRE sir.
    VO : You scored low in your GRE
    Me : Sir I'm working for Amazon and I hardly find time to prepare for my GRE and I just had a gap of 3 days after my IELTS to prepare for GRE, I concentrated much on my IELTS and I ended up scoring Low in my GRE sir.
    VO : Ohk, whats your percentage?
    Me : 57% sir.
    VO : 57?? thats so less man
    VO : You have low GRE score , and 57 percentage and I also see that you have many backlogs(previous officer annotated that I have 19 backlogs).
    Me : Sir can I grab a moment of yours so that I can explain you why I have backlogs.
    VO : Ofcourse, the time is all yours man.
    Me : Sir, after completing my schooling in my 1st year of my under graduation I thought I got freedom and I started enjoying my life I was into every sport and event conducted in my college and I did not concentrate much on my studies and so was my second year, in third year I met with an accident and was bed ridden then I realized that I have dreams to fulfill, goals to achieve and I started working hard and.....(he stopped me)
    VO : But, doesn't seem to be working had.
    ME : Sir, all I need is one chance to prove myself and I promise you that I'l work hard and I'l never let you down for approving my VISA.
    VO : I'm sorry I cannot approve your Visa this time, better luck next time.
    Me : Sir can I know what can I add to my profile so that I can get my Visa approved next time.
    VO : I'm sorry I cannot speculate, but you can try again.

    Came to Hyd next day morning I got my salary credited, went to ATM took RS10400 and went to Axis bank paid my Visa fee.

    Visa Questions in Hyd

    3rd attempt - 5 Dec – Hyderabad- counter 11, slot 10 am, univ : NPU

    A lady in her late 20's was good looking with a perfect formal attire, blonde hair and bob cut.

    VO : waved her hand to come forward.
    Me : Good morning mam.
    VO : Good morning Can I see your passport and I 20 please.
    Me : yes Mam
    VO : So, North western Polytechnic university.
    Me : yes mam.
    VO : Which stream?
    Me : Computer science.
    VO : in your under graduation?
    Me : its Information technology mam.
    VO : Why you choose NPU?
    Me : NPU offers Mobile application development course which is my area of interest.
    VO : in the US many universities offer that course why only NPU.
    Me : Yes mam but I choose few universities in which I can get admission with my profile and among those only NPU offers Mobile application course.
    VO : When did you complete your under graduation ?
    Me : 2012
    VO : What have u been doing?
    Me : I was working for Amazon as a “Digital Specialist” from September 2012.
    VO : Is it Amazon.com or any supporting company for Amazon.
    Me : I directly work for Amazon Mam.
    VO: Are your pay slips by Amazon.
    Me : yes mam
    VO : When you are already working why do you want to do your masters?
    Me : Mam I'm working for amazon as a tech support guy where I troubleshoot errors faced by customers in application sold by Amazon, I dont think after completing my engineering I have to work as a tech support associate, I want to be either a software engineer or an application developer where I can develop apps with no errors.
    VO : ok good, place your left hand four fingers on the scanner (thought my Visa was approved, turned back to the visa officer)
    VO : So, wat about the backlogs now tell me the story?
    Me : (I thought **** this shit, not again man) was in a confusion what to answer for few seconds then I said, Mam I met with an accident in my third year missed a semester and I could not attend my exams.
    VO : (in a sarcastic way) But I dont think there are 19 subjects in a semester.
    Me : (Was shocked) No mam there are only 8 subs in a sem but in my first two years I was into spots and I was the captain of my cricket team so could not balance both sports and studies.
    VO : Sorry I cannot approve your Visa 214(b)

    Moved from the counter.. came back again, Mam can I know the reason.
    VO : sorry
    Me : Mam I can nither increase my percentage of my under grad now nor I can decrease the no. of backlogs so wat else can I add to my profile to get a visa.
    Me : sorry mam.

    Came Home was in a dilemma if I should go for an other attempt. Took my time was thinking the whole day. Next day I woke up decided to give my last shot in Mumbai.

    Visa questions in Mumbai

    4th - 19 Dec – MUMBAI (Approved), counter 25 no tokens was sending to a random counter, slot 7.45.

    VO in his early 40's.
    VO : Step forward
    VO : Can I see your passport and I20
    VO : So Northwestern Polytechnic ha??
    Me : yes sir
    VO : how did you Know abt this univ?
    Me Sir, when I was doing my project work in my b.tech I was searching in google for information and I read about the research by Prof. Thaisu then I happened to mail him thrice he replied and I took his assistance in completing my project then he asked me if I can join his research as I did my projrct in the same field, so I applied to NPU.
    VO: When did you complete your under graduation ?
    Me : 2012
    VO : What have u been doing?
    Me : I was working for Amazon as a “Digital Specialist” from September 2012.
    VO : Is it Amazon.com or any supporting company for Amazon.
    Me : I directly work for Amazon Sir.
    VO: from which univ did u complete ur under grad.
    ME : JNTU, HYD
    VO was typing something for 1 min, my legs were shivering.
    VO : who's sponsoring for ur education.
    Me : My dad and My brother, I have a savings of 16 lacks and a bank loan of 12 lacks.
    VO: whats ur dad.
    ME : He is into rice business and we own a rice mill.
    Vo : whats ur brother?
    Me : He is dog breeder sir and we own a kennels named play kennels which is one of the popular Kennels in HYD.
    VO : Oh dog breeder.
    Was typing for 1 more min, suddenly he saw me and said visa approved.
    Me : Sir??
    VO : (could not hear properly but it was something like)Keep your things moving man I've approved your VISA.
    ME : thank you Sir, Merry Christmas.
    He showed me Thumbs up and I left the consulate..... no idea which way I was walking, when I got my senses back I realized that I came out of the consulate without my knowledge.

    I hope these Visa interview questions are useful.

    - Mohan Rahul.
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    1. vielsa2580's Avatar
      vielsa2580 -
      I read ur first attempt experience and got goose bumps, its still there while i'm typing
    1. maheshb4u's Avatar
      maheshb4u -
      Thank u so much rahul for sharing all ur experiences ......am also gng with npu i20, in this march...
    1. er.beant's Avatar
      er.beant -
      hey admin can u just suggest me somthng about change of status of my visa..
      its urgent
      m currently on B2 visa and want to take admission here in us in ms..
      pllzz reply
    1. RAHUL8055's Avatar
      RAHUL8055 -
      Hi sir i am rahul citizen of india present in italy perusing master's i am interested to study

      master's in usa can i apply f1 visa to usa fom italy.
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      Congrats bro....
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    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      congratulations never give up!!!!
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      9492028986 -
      all f1 visa questions?
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      Unregistered -
      All the best bro ... If u are destined for your target no one can stop u ..
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      Unregistered -
      Just a great experience. Very good spirite in you Buddy. It's very great decision of you for trying 4th time after 3rd rejection. Good. Keep it up.
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      Unregistered -
      ur experience got me goose bumps bro,it was like a every second climax scene in the movie,congrats bro and all the best !
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