• How to Prepare for F1 Visa Interview

    In the F1 Visa Interview applicant needs to convey the following to the Visa Officer.
    • Strong home ties to your country. Intent to return home after studies after the Education in US
    • Enough financial strength to fund your education
    • You are a good student.

    F1 Visa Interview Preparation

    Before the interview prepare your answers to the following questions

    What are your home country ties?
    • show that you or family members own property
    • show that there is a job waiting for you after graduation
    • show that family members remain at home and have not immigrated to the United States
    • show that you have completed any required military service if you are subject to such requirements

    Are you prepared for your education?
    • show that your language skills are adequate for study in a US university
    • show that you have been a serious student before coming to the US
    • show that you are made progress in Undergrad degree - BE/B.tech etc

    How will you apply your education/degree in your home country?
    • show that you know the job market at home country for graduates with your major
    • show that you know what companies are hiring students with your major and that you have begun contacting these companies or at least begun research as to which companies you would like to work with
    • show that you have discussed with academic advisors how you are going to apply your US education in your country. Letters of support from faculty will be very helpful.

    How are you going to pay for your education and living expense in the United States?

    • show bank statements, sponsor letters, affidavit of support.
    • show that you are aware of the length of time it will take to complete your entire program and you have a continued source of support for the full program.

    What to expect in your interview?

    Your interview will be brief and conducted in English. You may have a mock interview with a friend before attending US Consulate. Prepare yourself for Visa interview with mock interview. You will want to make a favorable impression in the first minute or two of the interview, since the Consul official is under time pressure to conduct a short and efficient interview. Keep your answers short and to the point. Show a positive attitude and do not argue with the Consulate official.
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      Thanks for sharing. I want share some my ideals. I hope it's useful.

      Apart from that, you also can ref more resources at: Academic advisor interview questions
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      Nice advises... Keep helping
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      The other ting you can do is simply pay an American tourist to arrange a marriage - and the "K1" marriage visas. The US government has a 99.9999% obligation to grant you the K1 visa - assuming all your documents are correctly filled out. This will cost about $5,000 - or more - depending on the tourist you find. I know plenty of people who have done it. It is by far the bets route!
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      this is very help full every one visa interview
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      Need some information of the universities applicable on 15 studies
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      Sir i've done y commercial pilot traning in south africa and now i've completed bca+pgdca in computer science how should i convenience visa officer regarding this questing and because of this question i got rejected
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