• F1 Visa Approved in 60 Seconds - Mumbai US Consulate

    One of MSinUS groups members posted F1 visa Experience. It is just one minute. Usually morning slot students will get short duration visa interview. And this kind of short visa interviews are very common in all US Consulates.

    F1 Visa Interview Experience - Shortest Visa Interview - 60 Seconds

    Very short one just 1 minute.
    At 8:15 am Mumbai US Consulate.

    ME: Gd mng how r u mam
    VI: ya fine, How many univ did u apply
    VI:what r they
    VI:Give ur GRE and TOEFL
    ME: Sorry mam I took IELTS
    VI:no problem pass them.
    ME:Gave the docs
    VI: what's ur final year %
    VI: which year passed out
    VI:how many Backlogs do u have?
    ME: NO back logs madam
    VI: what's ur father and mother
    ME: Told
    VI: Ur visa is approved u will receive it in a week.

    I am flying on July 24th.

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    1. Sanjana436's Avatar
      Sanjana436 -
      may i know which university you applied for ..
      Is that university a top one, i am asking coz, just wanted to see, if you visa is accepted coz of the university being popular ..
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