• F1 Visa Interview Experience at Hyderabad US Consulate

    Lot of Student attend for F1 visa Interview in Hyderabad. This article gives information about F1 Visa Interview information and experiences in Hyderabad US Consulate.

    F1 Visa Interview - Hyderabad US Consulate

    Got Visa to UTD-MSEE Approved after 1week without 221g

    Visa experience:
    Consulate: Hyderabad
    university: UTD-MSEE
    Decision: Approved after 1week without 221g
    Date: 23rd may

    My slot was at 11.15am and I was allowed to enter the consulate at around 10.45. After entering the consulate, have gone through the normal procedure of scanning the docs and fingerprint scanning and after almost 1hr later was given a token number of E202 and counter 11.
    My interview was literally done TWICE and here it goes.

    COUNTER #11
    Me: Good Afternoon Sir, how r u? (smiling)
    VO1: Hi, pass me ur passport (not smiling and his age probably in late 20ís)
    1st question and its different from what I saw the experiences from past 1yr in FB
    VO1: Did u go to a consultancy??
    Me: No sir
    He was trying to trick me where watching the system he told me
    VO1: No u r lying to me..u went to a consultancy
    Me: Certainly no sir, I never approached any consultancy
    The VO was frustrated by that time bcoz of the interviews from morning and he asked the same question and the same answer repeated for the next 2min and he was literally asking me to get out from there and finally he told me to wait for 10min in the lobby and that heíll call me again.
    I thought that was the end of my interview and sat in the lobby expecting to get an another chance after 10min. After 10min, an Indian official was handed my passport and he called my name and handed it over to me and asked me to stand in another counter(#12) for the interview again wherein I understood that the previous officer was not in a mood to take the interview and so left the counter.
    The VO2 was also in his late 20s and he was accepting applicants before me and my interview goes like this.

    COUNTER #12
    Me: good afternoon sir, how u doing?(again smiling )
    VO2: Hey how r u (expressions better then VO1).Pass me ur passport.
    Me: Sure sir.
    VO2: (Again the same question) Did u approach a consultancy.Tell me truth bcoz I had given a reject to one student who went but told me that he didnít.
    Me: No sir I applied on my own and my sis was also in US with her husband till 2011 where she suggested me some universities to apply for.
    VO2: she is in US now?
    Me: no sir
    VO2:Ok fine wats ur agg and number of backlogs?
    Me:68 and 1 backlog sir
    VO2: Pass me ur scorecard and tell me which univ?
    Me: passed the scorecard and told him UTD
    VO2: Why this univ?
    ME: Told
    He was listening but was more busy typing something in the system
    VO2: where did u fill ur DS form?
    Me: home sir.
    VO2:how many univ did u apply and wat r they?
    Me:5 sir and told them
    VO2: Pass me ur marksheets
    Me: He was somewhat convinced with my answers by this time.
    VO2: Who is sponsoring u and how do u pay ur fee?
    Me: my parents sir and told the finances
    VO2 asked me to show the proof of finances and I passed him the passbook and FDís.
    He took them and arranged them in order and lifted the bunch when I thought he was issuing me visa but instead he told me to wait again for 5min
    I thought WTF? No one was waiting like that and I was almost the last person in the consulate whose interview is still going on.
    After 2min the VO2 called me to another counter and asked me to leave the consulate and told me that they would check if the finances r genuine and if they are genuine, theyíll issue me a VISA. I was not given 221g but my passport was retained by them which was some positive sign. After all that happened in the consulate, I was continuously checking my passport status for the next 2days to hear the good news.
    Finally on 29th my passport status changed, got an email and also a message at the same time indicating that my passport is ready and can collect it between 3-4. I was really happy that I had finally got it and it is stamped for 5yrs

    P.S: CONFIDENCE REALLY MATTERS. Both the officers were playing a game asking whether I approached a consultancy but I was firm on my answer that I dint go and they were convinced with my answer.
    Finally this is what I was waiting for more than 1 yr to post (not the interview :P)

    Got F1 Visa to University of North Carolina Charlotte in Hyderabad

    Student's F1 Visa Aproved for University of North Carolina Charlotte in Hyderabad US Consulate. Student applied for Computer Science program at UNCC.

    My VI Experience #2
    Consulate: Hyderabad
    Date: 22/05/2012 Time: 11:00 AM
    Destination: University of North Carolina Charlotte
    Status: Approved

    I reached the consulate late at 11:15 AM. After completing all the formalities I got the token number issued. Sat somewhere and relaxing as I thought I had plenty of time.But suddenly 2 counters were opened and people over there directed a bunch of F-1 applicants to those counters including me.

    I was freaked out because I was expecting atleast 30 minutes of time for my token number to appear.

    VO is a young guy in early 30's. Approved two girls infront of me. My turn.

    Me: Good afternoon sir. How are you?
    VO: I am fine what about you? and please pass the documents.

    Me: I am fine sir. Passed the documents.
    VO: What program are you going to study at UNCC?

    Me: Computer Science with a specialization in Game Developmet sir.
    VO: How did you come to know about UNCC and your program

    Me: told about IGDA and all...
    VO: Typed for some time and asked there are several universities offering game dev programs why did you opt for UNCC?

    Me: Told about the game lab and professors. Explained about the student projects etc.
    VO: Types and checks the UNCC site for the info what I said. I saw because the green glare of UNCC website reflected.

    VO: So have you developed any games
    Me: Yes sir. I have developed 2 games. Explained him about how those will work.

    VO: Laughed and said I too play that game a lot
    VO: Except the Indie games. Have you developed or being developed any serious games
    Me: I have a game project running sir. It will take another 6 months to complete because of the heavy design.

    VO: Exclaimed and said 6 months. Why so long.
    Me: Officer I am basically a programmer. I need to satisfy the works of artist, animator, storyboard writer etc to develop a game. Believe me sir games are not as easy as they look. There are tons of code lines and animated moments inside a single game.

    VO: It's ok. I see that you are a freelancer. How did you gain the experience.
    Me: Sir I have been programming since I was 13. That made me projects come to me without any qualification either.

    VO: Examined my freelance profile for a while and types for sometime
    VO: So what other colleges did you apply?
    Me: Told 3. RIT UNCC CSU-Chico. And told that I was looking only for game dev courses.

    VO: Then Why didn't you opt for those?
    Me: Told

    VO: Asked me to repeat the university which offered design course as he typed in the computer and checked for the info I told.
    VO: Fine. How are you planning your studies.
    Me: I have xx amount in savings and xx amount in fds also explained that I don't need a bank loan and told that everything is planned for 2 years stay.

    VO: Can I have those statements please.(Types)
    Me: Passed

    VO: What is you father? (Types)
    Me: He is businessman sir.

    VO: And how did a businessman got xx amount of liquid in short time
    Me: Explained about the land that was sold for my education and showed him the settlement document of the land.

    VO: No need. Gave the documents back after clearly checking for the exact amounts what I said.
    VO: What is your father's annual income?(Types)
    Me: It is around xx

    VO: It was recorded that in the last interview, you said it was xx
    Me: Sorry sir previous VO asked me about the business income not annual income. Explained about other sources and how did it make up to xx amount. Do you want to see the IT returns and respective documents sir?

    VO: No need. Somewhere you said IGDA and that you are a member. What kind of benifits do you get.
    Me: Explained

    VO: Whats your membership name?
    Me: Said ( as I spell it, he typed it and checked)

    VO: Types seriously for several minutes. What type of games do you play.
    Me: Action, racing, strategy etc. Mentioned some of my favourite games.

    VO: He said ok. Took the passport as if he is giving it back to me. But wrote A on the DS form and told your Visa is approved and you will get it in a week.

    VO asked other questions also which I really cannot remember. But sure this is 95% of the interview.

    I walked out of the consulate with raised head. I felt that I deserve U.S VISA because of the Interview experiences in first and second ones.

    Looked straight into the eyes and spoken loudly. I did not smile much but maintained professional gestures and attire while I am talking.

    Really confidence is the key for VISA interviews. I felt and experienced that.

    End of my Interview..............

    Hyderabad US Consulate Address

    Consulate General of the United States of America, Hyderabad
    Paigah Palace
    1-8-323, Chiran Fort Lane
    Begumpet, Secunderabad 500 003
    Telephone: +91 (40) 4033-8300

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